Olympic Lifting Practice at Dawn O’Clock – 08/09 Jun

Wed 08 Jun

So I rolled, limp as a fish, out of bed yesterday morning after a shocking night; my phone’s updates kept vibrating the sideboard to the point that I was so bloody angry and would have crushed it beneath my boot had I not needed it for the alarm…and if I was wearing boots (which I wasn’t…..because I was in bed….and that would be weird). Nevertheless, with a day at an Information Security Expo ahead and no chance for an evening workout, this was my only chance.

Scoffing a banana down and washing it away with coffee, I stumbled, bleary-eyed over to CF NWD, turned on the hall lights and crawled to the lifting platform. It was my aim to work on Cleans, breaking the movement in to component parts just to get back to being with the bar. As I said the other day, I’m not intending to breach 85% 1RM in the mornings. Still, that’s 85kg that I have to lift at 0630!

But lift it I did and lift it well too:

  • 10 x First Pull to Above Knee @ 20kg
  • 10 x Knee to Mid-Thigh @ 20kg
  • Repeat
  • 10 x First Pull to Above Knee @ 60kg
  • 10 x Knee to Mid-Thigh @ 60kg

5 x 1 @ 60 / 5 x 1 @ 70 w/ Front Squat / 5 x 1 @ 80 w/ Front Squat / 3 x 1 @85kg w/ Front Squat

Even at 0630, with a good warm up and proper control over the movement breakdowns, you can achieve your aims. I hit those 85kg solidly and with great form. Tired Lion I might have been but I moved when I had to.

Thurs 09 Jun

After a great night’s sleep, this morning was initially the opposite of yesterday. I lept out of bed, grabbed my clothes and gulped a banana down in one fell swoop with a glass of whole milk. Running over to the gym, I was in great stride!

Looking at the Snatch this morning:

  • 10 x First Pull to Above Knee @ 20kg
  • 10 x Knee to Mid-Thigh @ 20kg
  • Repeat
  • 10 x First Pull to Above Knee @ 40kg
  • 10 x Knee to Mid-Thigh @ 40kg

5 x Overhead Squat @ 40kg

Snatch: 5 x 1 @ 40 / 5 x 1 @ 50 / 5 x 1 @ 55 / 5 x 1 @60 / 3 x 1 @65

Given that 85% of 75kg (my official, albeit long time ago, 1RM) is 63.75kg, I am happy that I again achieved my morning aim. On Friday, I intend focusing on the Deadlift a bit. More than anything, I am just having time on the barbell and getting those movement patterns locked in again, gaining more confidence with each rep.

CF Watford

Not content with that little number, I signed up for the evening session at CF Watford. I felt in AWESOME form as I walked in and was even more pleased when I saw tonight’s WOD:


3 x 5 Overhead Squat

5 x 60 / 5 x 65 / 5 x 70

I warmed up with sets of 10 at 40 and 50kg but I was so pleased that I’d worked on Snatches this morning, it meant my shoulders were exactly where I needed them to be for this. It was the highest score of the day, albeit the ‘elite’ guys hadn’t conducted it – that said, I think they have a separate programme anyway so of those who actually did the lifts, I got top today! BOOM!


7 RFT:

  • Run 200m
  • 15 x Box Jumps @ 24″
  • 15 x Toes To Bar

Time: 18:53 Rx

If ever there was a WOD for me, this was it. Storming in to the top time of the day for this one too, I was extremely happy throughout. I pushed myself on the run, tried to go unbroken on the box jumps with bounding jumps; the only times I stopped were to pull the box back as I risked cracking my head open on the pull up bars. The TTB were unbroken for the first round but in 10/5 for rounds 2-4 and then 8/4/3 for the remainder. I really pushed myself today and felt good for it. Not once did I slow down to try to catch a breath, I just kept going. It’s not often I get to say that.


Pretty damned good.

  • Breakfast: egg / milk / chicken slices / leaves / tomatoes / protein powder / banana / coffee
  • Lunch: Chicken slices / leaves / protein / banana / tomatoes / Tuna
  • Dinner: half a roast chicken and hot sauce / big glass of whole milk / leaves
  • Pre-WOD: USN Protein Bar (vanilla) as it was reduced in Sainsbury
  • Post-WOD: Whey protein


When I’m getting the sleep in, it’s pretty ace, to be honest! Feeling good overall in myself, can’t complain.





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