Work to do. Happy to do it. Tues 07 Jun 16

I let myself rest this morning after last night in CF Watford. Rest where rest is due. Also, I failed to sort out a WOD for myself this morning, having forgotten to decide what it is I seek to achieve first thing in the mornings! Well, for the next 4 weeks or so, it will be lifting technique, hanging around the 85%+ of 1RM mark but not seeking to push myself beyond that. It being early in the morning, it’s not the best time to seek 1RMs and I have no intention of demoralising myself when factors are outside of my control. 85% is the optimum area to train in order to develop strength while not sacrificing form.

But I headed to CF Watford this evening, accompanied by  hoofing friend of mine, Roly. He was the one who got me in to CrossFit back in early 2011 before I headed out to Afghanistan and CrossFit Leatherneck.When I consider my development in purely strength terms, I could be forgiven for a bit of a sob and a moan; there hasn’t been much. However, when I take in to account form, conditioning and gymnastic ability, the transformation has been incredible! I am extremely pleased with this journey in real terms and have Roly to thank for starting me on this path.

With that, we were faced with:


15mins to a Heavy Snatch Balance

5 x 40 / 5 x 50 / 3 x 55 / 1 x 60 / 3 x 632.5 (Heaving) / 2 x 65 (Heaving)

The first 4 sets were strict, no movement in the knees or hips. Thereafter, I added in a little drop and found them SO MUCH EASIER! If the time hadn’t run out, I would have been beyond 70kg, of that I have no doubt. Work to do in this regard but it’s work I am happy to get one with.


12min AMRAP

  • 6 x Ground to Overhead (60kg)
  • 12 x Burpees
  • 24 x Double Unders

Total: 4 rounds + 7 reps.

This was a bit of a disappointment, truth be told. While I kept going throughout and am pleased with some aspects, the lack of heavy (for me) muscular endurance needs addressing. Luckily, I am equipped to deal with it and will start to do so in the morning sessiosns. First round, unbroken. Second round, 3+2+1 on GtOH. Third round, 3+1+1+1. All burpees and double unders were unbroken although burpees were far too slow for a 12 min AMRAP.


That’s Charlie, the box owner, in the middle. Roly on the far right sporting a fetching CF Deterrent T-shirt. My CF Watford one is in the wash!


Not enough – I think this contributed to my downfall in the MetCon.

  • Breakfast: 1min Peanut Butter & Banana Cake (egg, 20g whey protein, 10g peanut butter, mashed banana). Spinach. 3 slices Roast Beef, cherry tomatoes.
  • Lunch: 2 thick slices of deli Roast Ham, spinach, Houmous.
  • Dinner: Lovely bowl of homemade (Mrs Nomad) Chilli, rice and mashed carrot/parsnip.
  • Snacks: Nuts (10g), almonds (about 10g), 20g whey protein

This is simply nowhere near enough and is my own fault. Before bed I shall be having a cupasoup, 200ml Whole Milk, 1 x Egg and some Chocolate powder. Tomorrow, I’ll be eating a bit more as I’ll be out at an Expo anyway so won’t get to pick healthy foods.


In a good place. Need to phone mum a bit more. It was great to catch up with Roly and throwdown in CF Watford with him. That’s the kind of motivation I need at the moment.

Development & Programming

As of tomorrow morning, I will be focussing on a strength development programme. Working at around the 85% mark, I will be facing EMOMs, Death Bys, accessory work (Cleans from Boxes, High Hangs, etc) and focusing on getting the form absolutely nailed. Movements to be covered will be Squats (front and back), Deadlifts, Cleans and Snatches.


Snatch Balance:



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