Start the Week with a Personal Record – 06 Jun 16

First up, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mrs Nomad! She has been a saint over the last few months and getting through my father’s death would have been infinitely more difficult without her support and ability to keep the family on the tracks.

Right, back to CrossFit. I’ve been hammering long, aerobic engine WODs for this past 6 weeks or so. I started with a 2km Row and had a pretty average time of 7:30 secs. My PR was 7:23 but I’d not hit that for over a year so could perhaps be discounted. Using an aerobic engine development programme from, I continued the rowing. However, after listening to a recent Barbell Shrugged podcast on aerobic capacity, I began to understand the limitations of purely ‘monostructural aerobic capacity’ vs ‘functional aerobic capacity’. Essentially, a rowing-only programming certainly would have improved my ability to row but wouldn’t necessarily have improved my ability to Clean a light weight at high volume. The ability to stay within an aerobic zone while undertaking complex movements can only be improved by carrying out complex movements, or variations thereof, along that metabolic pathway. So this is what I have done.

Getting up at 0600, I gulped down a handful of mixed nuts, grabbed some water and ran over to the box (CrossFit NWD – a newly affiliated military box) for:

Morning MetCon

Row 2km Time Trial

Time: 7:15.4 secs


Yes, a whole 15 second improvement on my time 6 weeks ago and a 7 second improvement on my best ever! Now THAT is improvement. Keeping to under 1:50 per 500m throughout, I sped the first 500m, slowed slightly for the second, held the third at 1:50 exactly and then sped up for the final 500m. Actually, could I have gone faster? We always say that and I’m not having any of it!! I SMASHED my PR here!

Next up on the path to fitness, spending time in the ‘Power’ / Phospho-Creatine & Anaerobic zones. This could be a painful period! 😉

Evening Session

I’ve been looking forward to getting back to CF Watford and tonight brought that, and the Power work I need, with:


1RM Clean

5 x 80 / 3 x 90 / 1 x 100

Not touch’n’goes for the 5 or 3 but certainly maintaining a high tempo. Getting through the 90kg, I knew I had 100kg in me. The shame is that we then ran out of time as I didn’t have enough time to rest before attempting a 105kg…..which I failed 😉 Still, I am very happy with the 100kg, having not got that close to my 1RM in a very long time. It’s time to beat that too though and I want a 105kg by the end of July.



This Guy! I won’t give out his name but this guy never gives up. I love working out alongside him. He comes in, smile on his face and pushes himself to the absolute limit. If only everyone put in the effort that this guy does.  #determination @crossfitwatford #crossfitwatford

3 RFT:

  • 400m
  • 21 x Kettlebell Swing @24kg
  • 25 x Goblet Squats @ 24kg

Time: 11:56 Rx

On a normal day, I might be a little disappointed by this time but not today. I set a new record on the rower, almost hit my long-lost 1RM in the Clean and yesterday completed 300 Air Squats! The first round was completely unbroken, as were all KB Swings throughout. The Goblet Squats took it out of me and I broke them in to 10s and 5s for the 2nd / 3rd round.


  • Breakfast: 200ml Whole Milk, 1 x Egg, 1 x Scoop Whey Protein, Leaves, 2 x Roast Beef Slices.
  • Lunch: 200ml Whole Milk, 120g Chicken Breast, Cupasoup, handful mixed nuts, 7 x cherry tomatoes.
  • Half a roast chicken (about 400g), some Roasted Pepper Houmous. 1 x Minute Protein Cake (1 egg, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein, 0.5 table spoon peanut butter, half mashed banana).
  • WOD Snacks: 2 x eggs, 1 pint whole milk.



It is tempting to simply wallow in my room in the evenings, put the TV on and mooch about. Instead, I spent half hour today going through my plans and goals for the next few months; one of which is to make more of this blog for you all out in reader-land. As promised, more to come on that front. My head is in a good place. It is hitting me that my Dad is gone; I can’t phone him. I can’t email him. I can hear him though and it’s important that I keep talking to him in order to clean every ounce of wisdom that I can from our chats, heart-to-hearts, car journeys and laughs.




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