Sunday Morning Smash. Do It Until You Can’t Do It Anymore. 05 Jun 16

With everything going on over the last few weeks, I think I would have been forgiven for taking a break from fitness, this blog and my on health for a bit. Instead, CrossFit, this blog and thinking about staying healthy has been a crutch. Mrs Nomad and the Team of Little Ladies have been nothing short of amazing in keeping me sane throughout but in order to think about something and keep my brain engaged, I’ve been starting to ponder over goals, developmental pathways and the “Who am I?” question…..more on that one later (seriously). I’ve changed how I’ve been promoting this blog, even opening a Twitter account to spread my fitness journey (@nomadiccrossfit). I need to ask though, if you have read this, could you drop a comment or share it once so that I have an idea of ‘reach’? Thank you.
Also, please let me know what you would like to see from a Coaching blog. I am a qualified Level 5 Diploma Coach and am keen to address, assist anything that might help others.

In the meantime, getting up this morning to a beautiful sunshining Sunday, it was too great an opportunity to miss and so I quickly came up with a little thrashing to get me burning.


#crossfitplymouth #oldguysrule

It’s a fairly recognisable WOD but no less brutal.


For Time :

400m Run
100 Push Ups
400m Run
200 Sit Ups
400m Run
300 Air Squats

Time: 28:47

Large chunks of anaerobic activity interspersed with aerobic muscular endurance. I kept pushing hard on the running in order to keep inside the lactate zone. The bodyweight strength movements were very good, for me. 50 Push Ups unbroken, then 20 and 10s. The Sit Ups were extremely interesting. 50/50/100. I just kept pushing and pushing. The Air Squats were painful given the Murphy and recent 366 Lunges of 3 days ago. However, I just kept going and pushing on. The first batch were in 50, 20, 20, 10 but the second 100 were much slower, in 20s and 10s. Then the last 100 were all in 20s as I grew a pair of balls and went for it. By the end, I was baggage but very content.


I’ve been focusing the last 6 weeks on aerobic engine work. Starting with a 2000m Row, I have been hammering the longer WODs almost exclusively (except Isabel – a Personal Record). I now need to retest.
From now, I have to reset and aim for some Power development. I’ll discuss this with the coaches when I get to CF Watford tomorrow night.


Resetting tomorrow morning


New links to come in support of the blog.

Blog back to normal tomorrow. Thank you for supporting me!


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