Thurs 2 Jun – Left foot. Right foot. Repeat. Lunge for Life.

Slightly over the top title but by then end of this, it wasn’t far off. This WOD proves that there is NO excuse for not getting at least something in every day.

KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.


With the funeral tomorrow, emotions run hot and cold. I was lucky to have been so close to my Dad and there have been times where it would have been easier, albeit dangerous, to just wallow and melt. Exercise has been my balance.

Left foot, right foot, repeat.

Sure, the product hasn’t been great over the last month but it’s the ‘means’ and the process that have been important. Just 10-15 mins of intense, functional movements have made an incredible difference to my general well-being.


For Time:

400m Walking Lunges

Time: 10:57 Rx

Keen to emphasise Rx, the back knee touched the ground of every one of the 366 steps. The first 150 steps unbroken, the remainder were in 20s and 10s with only a 1 sec pause between sets. Lunges were sets of short and sets of long, engaging quads and glutes accordingly. It’s an 83rd percentile score on Beyond The Whiteboard too.

Bacon, eggs, tonne of salad, homemade scotch egg.

Probably some beer later, there is some family death stuff going on, of course!!


It’s hard, being at Mum and Dad’s place, but being with Mum, my family, my sisters et al makes it better.

And the lunges. They helped too!

Left foot, right foot, repeat.


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