Tuesday 31 May 16 – Listen to your Body & Mind. Take a Break.

After the thrashing by Murph and the rather unfair criticism that I gave myself over my efforts yesterday, I went light today. That is to say that I had every intention of doing Fran on entering the gym but on picking up the barbell knew it wasn’t going to be the case. My knees were sore in all the wrong places (Quadricep Tendons and MCL), my hips were not firing and my brain just wasn’t ‘there’. As you know, I’ve not really been in the game for the last few weeks now, with good reason, and not been even close to my best. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, there are good reasons. Regarding yesterday’s Murph, I am going to offer up a huge excuse and that really is to do with running in boots and trousers. The boots are much heavier than trainers and completely change your running gait, including significantly impinging on achilles action, resulting in heel dominant running and quite a bit of cramp. I knew this prior to giving it a go but didn’t realise quite how much of a different they would make; you learn lessons though! While I’ve been in the Royal Marines for a long time now, my legs are not conditioned for boots anymore! Quite fortuitously, a fire alarm also forced me from the building.


Having worked myself up in to a bit of a negative mindset recently, I have recognised this and conducted a bit of a soft reset. I know I have the funeral to deal with but I had to get a grip of myself, stop the crap eating and get back in to a positive frame of mind. I genuinely thought about going to do Fran today in order to force myself on to an aggressive footing.

Goal Setting

Once the funeral is complete, I will be looking at Goal Setting, using myself as an example. I’ll be delving in to Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivational Factors in order to be able to identify the true motivations of others as well as yourself. Once correctly articulated, a Development Plan will be produced and I shall lay out a template that will assist you in breaking down your long term goal in to medium and short term factors, further assisted by SMART objectives along the way in order to measure your progress and adjust your course, where required.


Better than recently.

  • Breakfast: 200ml Whole Milk, 1 x Egg, 3 x Chicken Slices wrapped around raw spinach
  • Lunch: Egg & Bacon Sandwich (not ideal but all they had in the shop), Naked Bar
  • Dinner: Small Steak & Kidney Pie (homemade, not by me!), Scotch Egg, some coleslaw, some olives, some stuffed chilli peppers.

Health & Well-Being

Getting back on an even keel.



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