Sunday 29 May – Garage Gym Fun on Sunday

Early up, straight in to the garage.


Making the most of the beautiful Devon morning, I wanted some barbell, some basic gymnastics and some running.


Time: 17:51Rx

It turned out to be a really nifty WOD that I should remember. 60kg or so is my working Clean weight (still) and while I only made the first round unbroken, the others were pretty solid. Pushups and Squats were all unbroken and the 150ms were……o…k. There’s enough in here to demonstrate progression in the future. As an aerobic WOD, the Muscular Endurance elements of the Clean & Jerks was desperately needed.


Really bad. Cake, lots of Gluten Free Biscuits, beer.


Not good. Head in a relatively poor place. Quite snappy at people around me. Not sleeping well.


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