Mon 30 May 16 – Memorial Day Murph


Memorial Day in the USA. In the CrossFit community, this means just one thing: Murph.

For Time:

1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run

I tackled this on 2nd May at CF Camberley, in a not too disrespectful 42:40. However, this time I opted to take it on in boots and trousers, the same way we tackle our annual fitness test.
Considering it was only 4 weeks ago, I’d hoped to better it, or at least match it.

Arriving in CF Aylesbury for the final time of this visit, I wanted to leave on good terms.  However. ……



While the movements were all far faster this time, the running was tedious. Breaking it in to rounds of Cindy, the first 6 rounds were performed as ‘double Cindy’ sets. I then finished the last two sets together too.


I struggled through this attempt in 47:40 – something. Cramping up as soon as I  left for the second run, I hobbled through it in rather pathetic fashion.

Still, it’s done now. Here’s to you,  Murph, and here’s to my US brothers.


Total crap again. Biscuits,  jaffa cakes, cake. And McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets (after the WOD).


I wrote my father’s eulogy this morning. It’s been weighing on my mind all day but it doesn’t account for my performance.


None this week. Typing all this on my phone, I’ll return to normal output next week.



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