Thursday 26 May 16 – Tyre Flips and Burpees. Doing well.

7 days since my father passed away and today is the first day I’ve had control of my mind and my system. I feel guilty that I’ve not been more mournful but how are we supposed to feel? The mind, and its emotions, is a complicated beast.

Keeping the workout simple today.


100 x Tyre Flip, Burpee Jump Through


Time: 18:36

I think it weighs 85kg but I’m checking.

Video of me flailing around Link

Setting the almost same pace throughout, I paused only at 50 and 70 for 5 seconds.
The purpose of the WOD was Muscular and Mental Endurance. An aerobic engine development workout, considerable coordination was also required as I jumped through and over the tyre. Highly mental, I knew it would take close to 20 mins, requiring discipline to maintain pace and control.


Breakfast: Eggs, beef slices, spinach, whole milk.

Lunch: as per breakfast.

Dinner: Ploughman’s Scotch Egg, Pork & Turkey Pie, homemade Sausage Roll. Pulled Pork Cupasoup.


Sleeping……ok, a bit light.
Concentration. Held for most of the day.

Treat: Chocolate Frijj Milkshake.


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