Wednesday 11 May 2016 – CrossFit NWD, Isabel and the Hang Snatch

I skipped CF Watford today and trotted on down to the on-camp gym at 1730. I had intended on completing a Deadlift 1RM, in line with CFW’s programme but there was already a session going on in there and it was a case of either joining in or getting out. CrossFit NWD, as it has recently been affiliated, is a very small facility tucked in the back of a huge hanger of a sports hall. With a large BeaverFit rig, 1 lifting platform, plenty of barbells and a few rowers, it really reminds me of CF Keelhaul, all those years ago. The die-hard regular members contain a few Level 1s and some very keen athletes; being primarily military, with a lot of international flavour, they are a bunch with a strong baseline of general fitness. They train once a day, most days, but are looking to increase the options available. I’m therefore mulling over running 3 x 0615 sessions per week but we shall see.


5 x 5 Snatch Balance

40 / 50 / 50 / 55 / 55kg

Using the Power Snatch to get the bar up, I am pretty happy with this. As a measure, athletes should be able to Snatch Balance with 110% of their Snatch weight. However, with an old 1RM of 75kg, I know I am not currently able to Snatch Balance 82.5kg. Besides which, I didn’t have access to the rack and was Snatching the bar in to position. I had it in me to go past 60kg but…….



For Time: 30 x Snatch @ 60kg

Time: 6:42 Rx – Personal Record by 1 min 49 secs!!

When Sean (today’s coach) announced Isabel as the WOD, I immediately stopped with the Snatch Balance. With a previous personal best of 8:28, I was wary of this; strength and muscular endurance hasn’t exactly been my …..strength. 60kg is still heavy for me, Snatch-wise. However, I cycled through the first 5 pretty quickly and realised that I had it in me for a huge jump today. Maintaining pace up to 20, I was amazed at my time. I’ll admit that the last 10 were not pretty at all; they were safe throughout, with good back position, but ugly in general form. What impressed me the most was my ability to ‘re-cycle’ the bar at that weight. This shows a significant leap in muscular endurance, if not in raw strength.


· Breakfast: Eggs, Milk, Ham slices, Leaves, Nuts, Whey Protein

· Lunch: Eggs, Milk, Ham Slices, Leaves, Nuts

· Dinner: Military Chicken Pasta, mixed with Tuna Puttanesca (from military ration pack), Nuts, Leaves

· Snacks: Nuts

Still very protein-dominant and I’m seeing significant benefits. My weight has dropped to 80kg, down 2.5kg in 6 weeks, but I am feeling agile, niggle-free, generally ache-free, and I’m getting faster. I now need to hold this weight, lose a little more body fat and then start putting weight back on again to no more than 83kg.

Looking Forward

CrossFit Games Regionals begins this weekend with California! My personal CrossFit Champ to Cheer, Dan Bailey, will be competing this weekend. Check out the links below.


Dan Bailey does Isabel (and 2 other Girls):

CrossFit Games Regionals Channel:


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