Thurs 12 May 16 – Why, hello Barbara, you can go the way of Isabel and get spanked!

I forced myself out from under my warm, comfortable Afghan blanket, pressed START on the Tassimo and got changed for a Watt Bike session. Now they’ve been upgraded, they’re all available and it’s my first outing on them in 5 weeks. Sticking to the Aerobic Engine plan, I had an interval session, spending 20 mins between 85% of my average watts (from the 10 min max effort session) and 50%.  Thereafter, I’d booked in to CFW for a hammering before ending the  week.

Aerobic Session

As I outlined above, 20mins of 30 secs at 85% / 30 secs at 50%.

This translated in to 30 secs at 181 Watts and 30 secs at 106 Watts.

HOWEVER!! How bloody hard is it to maintain a steady power output on those bikes?!?! There was no way I could keep to a set wattage and so I went for RPM instead. Maintaining 76 RPM for the 50% and 91RPM for the 85%, it actually evened out quite well in the end with an overall average wattage of 148W, only 5W more than I had calculated should have been the case. If nothing else, this is too complicated for 0630!! I was happy though; I think I under-performed but with a CFW session coming up I wasn’t overly upset.


None…….I was expecting a 1RM Deadlift or Bench Press but instead…..




Five rounds, each for time of:

  • 20 x Pull-ups
  • 30 x Push-ups
  • 40 x Sit-ups
  • 50 x Squats
  • 3 mins Rest

Time (minus the 12 min Rest): 24:32 Rx

I intentionally paced this and I think I paced it very well indeed. Hitting the rounds in 4:15 / 4:45 / 5:02 / 5:41 / 4:21, it took me a while to get over the DOMS in my abs from the situps 2 days ago. I’ve also pulled the muscle that sits just over the outside of my left scapula which hindered the pull ups. I adjusted the pull ups and did them underarm, managing to maintain good butterfly kips all the way through round 3; all rounds were 10/5/5. Push Ups are coming on a treat again and I kept smashing them out in 30 for the first round, then 15/5/5/5 for the remainder. Squats were all unbroken and the Situps were just a pest until my abs got going again; every round unbroken.

This is another woman slayed, after Isabel’s thrashing yesterday. Time for a bit of a break over the weekend, I think.



Routine for Breakfast and Lunch and snacks (nuts, eggs, slices of meat and leaves)

Dinner: Chinese Chicken Curry from Morrisons.

Still aren’t getting total required calories so will drink a pint of whole milk before bed for recovery.



Rich Froning does Barbara:




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