Tuesday 10 May 16 – 1 min Protein Cake, Back Squats and 20mins of Suck

1 min Protein Cake


· 1 x Egg White

· 1 x Scoop MyProtein Whey Powder (20g) – Chocolate Peanut Butter flavour

· Whisk together into a smooth, sticky paste; leave no powder unmixed.

· 1 min in a mug in the microwave on full power.

Results: an absolutely bloody horrible bath sponge of a ‘cake’ that sucks the entire moisture content of your body out of you, requiring a full litre of water to be consumed simultaneously.

My thanks to www.bodybuilding.com for that marvellous recipe that I won’t be repeating in that format ever again. I think I’ll add some nut butter in future to provide a little oil and therefore some moisture. I certainly won’t be attempting to make this again as above unless I lose my loofah.

I’d intended working out in camp today, giving CFW a miss in favour of some time on my own. However, as the working day came to an end I was feeling so low and unmotivated that I knew I’d either have to attend a group session or it just wasn’t going to happen. When I saw the WOD on my facebook screen, I realised this even more. I simply wasn’t going to push myself through a tough 20-min AMRAP in any meaningful sense without others around me. I might have done better in the back squats though, given more time. However, more time is now being to the strength portion, as was borne out in yesterday’s strict press.


5-3-1 Back Squat, working to a 1RM

10 x 60 / 5 x 100 / 3 x 120 / 1 x 130 / 1 x 135kg

An official 1RM of 140 still alludes me. This was a real struggle to achieve. With more time to go back down a few Kgs before working back up again, I think I could have managed 140 but not any more. I’ve not Back Squatted in a while so this isn’t to be sniffed at.


20 min AMRAP

· 5 x Toes To Bar

· 10 x Push Ups

· 15 x Goblet Squats (24kg)

· 20 x Sit Ups (Ab Mat)

· 25 x Double Unders

Total: 7 rounds + 16

There has to be an end in sight to this ‘engine programme’ that they are pushing at the moment but for now I am very much appreciating it. Charlie, the head coach and owner, identified after the Open that aerobic engine capacity was a key weakness and has spent a long time since getting it up to scratch. It was one of my own overall weaknesses too and I’ve certainly seen huge advances in this area recently. At around 3 rounds in I was pleased to have chosen the option to get out to the Box. It was the others around me that kept me competitive and working at capacity; the voice in my head was aggressively positive. I really hammered myself, albeit at a controlled pace, through rounds 1-5, maintaining pretty consistent times per round. However, in round 6 I took too much of a breather getting back on the bar and the same in round 7. I did speed up in the last 16 reps though so it was pretty positive overall.


Breakfast: Nuts, Leaves, Meat, Eggs, Milk and Protein

Lunch: Nuts, Leaves, Meat, Eggs, Milk

Snacks: Nuts, post-WOD bath sponge cake

Dinner: Sweet potato cottage pie. Milk. Love it (thank you, Mrs Nomad!)

Health and Wellbeing

I appear to be recovering quite well from the WODs, with little fatigue or ill effects the following day. I have been taking high-strength fish oil (>2g per day of EPA/DHA) for a while now and believe I am seeing tangible benefits in my joints and general inflammation. Coupled with a return to a basic diet throughout the week, there is generally far less inflammation in my body and therefore fewer niggles, aches and pains.


Toes to Bar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJZpz5C1dAA



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