Mon 09 May 16 – Strength and the Engine

I arrived back in to the Watford area at 0210, after a fantastic night out with Mrs Nomad. It’s not often we get to go out together but we made the most of it. Unfortunately, the concert we were at finished at 2230 and I still had the 3.5 hour journey ahead of me. However, with just a lone stop for supplies and many check-up phone calls from Mrs Nomad (thank you!!), I made it back safely in one piece and crashed on to my bed for 4 hours of sleep.

Groggily, I woke and downed a coffee before really opening my eyes. Feeding the chilli plant on the window-sill (7 chillis on there already with plenty more coming!) and grabbing my normal breakfast of sliced meats, eggs, leaves and nuts, I waddled over to the office and contemplated 45 mins of sleep over lunch. That was not to be as we have a newcomer that required hosting over lunch L Looking ahead, I decided to book in to CFW for the 1830 session before taking up an invite out to dinner with my Goddaughter’s father. It wasn’t until midnight again when I finally shut my eyes!

However, the work done today:


5-3-1 Strict Press

5 x 65 / 3 x 67.5 / 1 x 70 / 1 x 75 / 1 x 77.5kg

Testing out 1 Rep Maxes this week. This was an increase in last week’s Strict Press work, despite the lack of sleep. Although not equalling my 80kg 1 RM (which I could have achieved, if I’d planned ahead and read, I was very pleased with the overall result. An 80kg lift would have been 1kg short of lifting my entire bodyweight in a strict press. Always a good achievement!


5 min AMRAP

· 1000m Row

· Max Effort Double Unders in remaining time

5 min Rest

5 min AMRAP

· 800m Run

· Max Effort Double Unders in remaining time

Engine time! This WOD targets the very highest edge of the aerobic pathway, coupled with central nervous system control (coordination / agility / balance) and the ability to recover before retesting.

Achieving a 3:37 for the first Row, I know I could have gone a little harder. However, I stumbled in the double unders and achieved a lowly 55 in the remaining 1:23.

5 mins Rest was welcome.

The 800m Run was done in 3:30, leaving me another 1:30 to get the double unders done. This time, I composed myself well and achieved 81 in 3 parts.

All in all, this was a well-focused WOD. The strength testing is something I need for Beyond The anyway while the MetCon was perfectly suited to my current objectives. The rowing aspect perhaps pleased me more than anything else here; I maintained a strong 1:49 pace throughout with even and consistent pulling. The technique is getting much more natural now.


· Breakfast: 1 slice lean Beef, 2 x eggs, 20g protein shake, 200ml full fat milk, 20g mixed nuts.

· Lunch: 1.5 chicken breasts, massive amount of lettuce, 1 whole medium Tomato.

· Dinner: Two MASSIVE plates of homemade fish curry with rice. It was lovely!

· Snacks: Nuts

· Drinks: A lot of coffee!

Health & Well-being

Despite of the lack of sleep, I’m feeling in a good place. The WOD/life balance is working well with 3 days off at the end. I want to get back in to multiple sessions and aim to achieve 3 morning sessions and 4 evening sessions this week priod to getting home. Sleep is pretty good; Mrs Nomad has her FitBit to track sleep and I’ll see how my phone fares with one of the various apps available out there. I could do with getting in to bed slightly earlier and will try to work that in.


· Double Unders:

· Rowing:


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