Wed 04 May – May The Forth Be With You.

In true spirit of the day, “Jedi Master” was what greeted us in the box this evening. Oh yes, strong with the force is this one.

Preceding the quite mental WOD that hasn’t been recorded on Beyond The Whiteboard for years, we had:


3 x 3 Bench Press @ 70% / 80% / 90% 1RM

10 x 60 / 5 x 70 / 4 x 85 / 3  x 90 / 2 x 95

Ok, Ok!! Yes, I KNOW it’s not a 3 x 3. However, as I’ve identified before, I’m not getting enough time with the barbell to really get stuck in to these lifting sessions. I need more time to warm up properly and ramp up to top numbers. Therefore, I’m hitting more in the earlier stages instead. As it happens, my 1RM is 102.5 (I think) so I’ve hit the numbers I was meant to. In fact, 95kg appears to be a new 2RM!



“Jedi Master”

  • 50 x Box Jumps @ 24″
  • 45 x Pull Ups
  • 40 x KB Snatch @ 16kg
  • 35 x KB Swing @ 24kg
  • 30 x Hand Release Push Up
  • 25 x Double Under
  • 20 x Goblet Squat @ 24kg
  • 15 x Burpee
  • 10 x Turkish Get Up @ 16kg
  • 5 x Bar Muscle Up

With a 20min Time Cap, I came cruising in at 18:27 Rx and was over the moon! Pacing everything exactly right, I pushed through the box jumps in 2.5 mins. The Pull Ups were in 5s, never lower. The KB Snatches were as unbroken 10s. The KB Swing was 20/15. Hand Release Push Ups slowed me a little, especially after Murph on Monday; they were 10/5/5/5/3/2. Double Unders…unbroken. Goblet Squat 10/10. Burpees were slow, paced and unbroken. The Turkish Get Ups were awkward but unbroken. I’d aimed to give myself 2 mins for the Bar Muscle Ups, anticipating quick extreme fatigue. However, at 18:15 mins I jumped on the bar and smashed out a 3 and then a 2! Boom!

This chipper is awkward, confusing and requires a lot of self-control. Another one aimed at the aerobic system, it is very tempting to push too hard on some elements and come crashing down. It requires consistent coordination, agility and muscular endurance. Toward the end of each movement, you have to begin to get your mind in shape for the next one, and get at least a rep or two of the new movement out before pausing. Pause and you find 10s have gone by and it’s over.

As I noted above, this was last recorded on Beyond The Whiteboard a VERY long time ago and with a very slight variation. It wasn’t carried over in to the redesign and noone has done it since. Well we have now, May The Force Be With You!


I’m trying to get a link on here to my MyFitnessPal profile. Until then:

  • Eggs, Beef, Ham, Leaves, a cupasoup, apple, nuts, tomatoes
  • Protein Shakes
  • Pulled Pork Burger (with bacon) and fries for lunch. Yes, yes, yes :p
  • Starbucks Bold-Brew Coffee – nice!!!
  • Costa Americano
  • 400ml Whole Milk

(and a little nugget of the last Easter Egg……sssshhhhhhh)


Despite humping it back and forth on the tube to London over these past 2 days, I feel in great shape. Eating seems to be about right, I’m feeling light and mobile. Sleep is pretty solid too. I’m happy to keep going like this, keeping Friday night and Saturday for ‘cheat’ food & drink.


Today’s Beyond The Whiteboard result:





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