Tues 03 May – Partner Up!

I wasn’t expecting to get to the Box this evening and was happy fatiguing my way around London for a conference. I wrote the blog for yesterday while sat on the tube and was planning on some way of getting to the box tomorrow night instead. However, with the conference coming to a halt on time, I was able to nip out, fight among the townies, and get on a train back. Literally everything ran on time and I was back on “home turf” with another time for a quick change, a jump in the car and a swift ride in to CF Watford. BOOM!


3 x 3 Strict Press

60 / 65 / 67.5

Again, not enough time to really get in to the strength stuff; in June I need to start perhaps refocusing on Strength instead. I think there’s an opportunity for a Friday lunchtime session but it depends on what I’m going to do about getting home (the traffic is utterly mental and delaying by an hour or so might actually mean I avoid the worst of it and get home in a better condition). Regardless, I need to start lifting heavier. 67.5kg is below my 3RM of 72.5. I managed 2 x 70kg but couldn’t shift the final one. Coach Charlie reckons I bottled it but there just wasn’t the strength there. I subsequently dropped it on the floor (forbidden!) and had to run 200m around the box.


Partner WOD


  • Thrusters (42.5kg)
  • Burpee over Rower
  • Cash Out: 1000m Row

Time: 11:16 Rx

This is an anaerobic pathway WOD, repeated, with decreasing rest periods. It must be performed at 100% throughout in order to achieve the aim. The rest period must be ‘just’ enough, if not enough. Working in sets of 5, we rattled through this, maintaining good pace. I was partnered with a relative newbie, who scaled the weight to 30kg. He has some confidence issues that inhibit 2-footed jumps over the rower but still kept going at a superb pace. I sped through all elements completely unbroken and smashed out the first 500m of the Row in under 1:45. As always, working with a partner seriously motivates me and spurs me on to push far harder; if I can get a Primal Games Masters competition again this year then I know I’ll do very well indeed.



Back on the wagon today.

  • Breakfast: 3 x Eggs, 200ml Fat Milk, 20g Whey Protein, handful of nuts, a slice of beef and loads of leaves. And a mug of lovely Carte Noire coffee.
  • Lunch: A crap small watery chicken curry during the conference. A chicken wrap (while heading back to the tube) and half a flapjack.
  • Dinner: 2 x Eggs, 2 x Roast Beef slices, Sweet Chilli Noodles, more leaves and some tomatoes.
  • Snacks: Whey Protein post-WOD. 200ml Milk.
  • Misc: And…some…..yummy…chocolate egg! (ChokaBlok)


  • Protein: 175g! A little too much but well ahead of target today.
  • Carbs: 152. This is about right, I’m happy with this (and it doesn’t take in to account the nibble of chocolate!)



  1. Thruster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aea5BGj9a8Y 
  2. Nutrition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcL86Lv_jsQ



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