Fri 29 Apr – Simple and effective end to the week.

Down in Fareham for the night with my dad (more on him soon) before a rugby man-trip to Cardiff for Judgement Day IV (diet? Sod that!!).
Got up this morning to a very cold and wet park but was determined to get something done, especially as next week may well be a bit barren on the training front. Without much thought, I came up with:


  • 400m Run
  • 25 x Push Ups
  • 50 x Air Squats
  • Time : 10:57

Nothing overly challenging in this monostructural / gymnastic bodyweight circuit but not to be underestimated either. A 400m is an anaerobic event. Coupled with unbroken Pushups and Air Squats, this makes for unpleasantness. Moving from squats back to running taxes the central nervous system and significantly focuses coordination development.

A fine end to the week.

In upcoming editions, I intend to focus on motivation theories, Goal identification & setting, and coaching methodology. Do stay tuned.

Have a great weekend!


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