Wed 27 Apr 16 – What am I doing here?

One of those introspective questions to kick it all off:

What am I doing with CrossFit and Why?

Given that I have no opportunities to compete (and am not at a competitor level), I have no SMART goals and I have no reason to push myself as I do, why do I do it? Why do I pay quite a lot of money each month to turn up, thrash myself and then depart in a crumpled heap?

The answer is something I can’t really put my finger on. I know that my ultimate goal is to still be able to throw a rugby ball around with my grandkids in the distant future. I don’t want diseases such as T2 Diabetes or Heart Disease. I want to remain as operable as possible for as long as possible. But I could achieve that through training on my own in a free gym provided for by the military. I could achieve it over time without working as hard as I have been at the moment. What is it about CrossFit that makes me actually want to spend time and money to do what I could be doing for free? I think, a lot of it is about control; I get to spend my time and money on something that ‘is mine’ at a time when so much else in life is outside of my control due to work, family life and adult commitments. I could equally put the money in the bank, spend it on ‘tech’ or (perhaps importantly) spend it on things we need for the home, like a new sofa suite!!!! Some of it is about proving myself publically; I have an odd military history that forces me every day to improve along all lines and prove myself among some strong peers. I find training among other, non-military, people to be a challenging, fun and engaging environment where I improve. But is any of that worth spending money each month when there’s no demonstrable and relevant output to my life? It’s something I have to think about when money could be better spent elsewhere.

Anyway, while my current payment package is ongoing, this is what I’ve been up to!

Morning Aerobic Stuff

In a repeat of Monday’s Rowing work, I figured out the correct timings and really hammered myself on this one:

10 x 250m Row w/ 90sec Rest @ 90%/500m

Keeping under 1:40 per 500m throughout (49.5 secs per 250m), I had to maintain tight control of my breathing in the recovery periods. The initial sets were tough, having not really warmed up in to it. The middle few sets were very strong. The final 2-3 sets were hard but manageable.


4 x 8 Bulgarian Split Squats w/ Kettlebells

2 x 16kg / 2 x 20kg / 2 x 24kg / 2 x 24kg

Not something I’ve practiced much ever but a useful assistance exercise to train for Squats and Pistol Squats. Really engaging the glutes, I’ll be walking a bit funny over the next few days, I’m sure. I could have gone beyond 24kg but there are no kettlebells between 24 and 32, which is a bit much.


3 Rounds For Time:

400m Run

5 x Power Snatch @ 40kg

10 x Overhead Squat @ 40kg

15 x Toes To Bar

Time: 11:27 Rx

Definitely in ‘my wheelhouse’, my time was the fastest of the day (although the top guys don’t seem to do this programming). The Power Snatches were unbroken throughout, as were the Overhead Squats. Only the Toes To Bar were broken up; the first round was unbroken, thereafter it was 10/5 and 8/7. These was mainly down to my grip and forearms still being fried from the sodding Pinch Grips the day before! A tasty WOD to finish the day after sitting for hours in the M25 traffic getting increasingly irate and upset – how do human beings actually live like that?? Spending hours sitting in a can on a road just to get enough money to afford a house so far from where they work that they have no time to spend the money on their families / themselves due to shocking traffic? What a complete waste of human life. It did give me a chance to belt out some tunes from the iPod though. If you haven’t heard “Hocus Pocus” by Focus then I suggest you visit the link below!


I actually made it today; I ate enough. Perhaps I ate too much but it’s balanced by recent under-achievement in this area. Alas, some of it was flapjacks but I did avoid the delicious looking chocolate cakes offered in abundance at the meeting I was part of. I am looking forward to a weekend of beer, kebabs and big breakfasts!


· Hocus Pocus by Focus:

· The Power Snatch:

· Toes To Bar:


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