Tuesday 26 Apr 16 – By Thor’s Beard, I’ve got small hands!

Yeah, that’s some title! I’ll get to that in a second.

No early morning shenanigans in the gym; I heard the alarm, calmly turned it off, and rolled over for another 45 mins of bliss. Yes, Yes I did.

I booked in to the 1830 session at CF Watford today, only just making it after getting out of the office late. However, make it I did and with extreme enthusiasm I strolled in. Reading down the whiteboard (because we don’t know what’s coming up until we turn up), I was happy to see Deadlifts first on the menu. I then did a bit of a squint and a double-take when I saw the WOD.


3 x 5 Deadlifts

5 x 130 / 5 x 140 / 5 x 150kg

Warming up with 10 x 60, 10 x 70 and 10 x 100, I knew that I still hadn’t warmed up enough to match my previous best of 5 x 160kg. Still, from the comments around me my form held nicely throughout and while I attempted 160, it just wasn’t to be today. Not every day is a PR day. I’m happy with the lifts.


5 Rounds For Time:

100m Pinch Grip Farmer’s Carry (15kg in each hand)

20 x Double Unders

10 x Pistol Squats

5 x Handstand PushUps

Time: 22:16 Rx

First off, what the hell is a Pinch Grip Farmer’s Carry? It’s this (no, the pic ain’t me):

Image courtesy of www.CrossFiTHobo.com

Yes, please pick up 15kg plates between your finger tips and stroll nonchalantly down a 50m track and back. Then conduct the rest of the WOD. Well……..

Well, the first round wasn’t bad at all. I ran out of the blocks and quickly smashed it with little trouble. The Double Unders were a bit ‘sticky’ as I’d not practiced them beforehand but recovered well. The pistols were…..EXCELLENT! After a huge amount of focus on them in the warm up, I even managed them on my right ankle although the sooner I have the bone scraped out the better (osteophytes). I also conducted Handstand Pushups Strict (throughout the whole WOD). This all sounds pretty great, right? The 2nd / 3rd rounds were less pleasant. All movements were unbroken but the Pinch Grip carry was getting painful. I had to stop at least 3 times down and 3 times back. By rounds 4 and 5, it was excrutiating. Getting no more than 5-10m each time, I was taking ridiculously long pauses each time and really wasting time. It was with only 10m of the Pinch Grip carry in Round 5 to go that the 20min Time Cap was called. Well, quite clearly, I was not stopping there! With 2 shifts, I completed that and ran back in to complete the WOD in 22:16 Rx.

Lesson Learned. I have tiny hands! Given that I can’t order a new set from Rogue or Again Faster, grip strength is something I am seriously going to have to attack. There are lots of quick wins here and the benefits are significant. Pull Ups / Toes To Bar / Rowing / Barbells / Kettlebells…these will all benefit from increased grip strength. This is why I opted NOT to scale when I saw the WOD. I knew it would be trouble but I also knew I had to push on through it to the end. Of course, going from there to Sainsbury’s to buy a roast chicken was quite amusing; having to hook grip the basket because I couldn’t hold it normally was very funny.


As mentioned, I’m not eating enough.

Breakfast: Muesli, 20g Protein, 200ml Fat Milk, 1 Egg, 1 Banana

Lunch: Pasta Bolognese, 1 x Egg, Salad, 2 x Ryvita Crackers with Cheese Spread

Dinner: Half a Roast Chicken (about 250g actual Chicken), 1 x Egg, lots of salad

Snacks: 20g Protein Post-WOD. 1 x Apple Pre-WOD. About 80g mixed nuts throughout the day.

Drinks: Lots of black coffee

Reading throughout that, you’ll see I’ve deviated tangentally from the ‘paleo-like’ structure of recently. Adding in the muesli and pasta, and the crackers (& fake cheese spread) added calories. I still ended up some 400 Kcal less than I apparently need. More eggs, lean meat and much more leaves to come!

Health & Well-being

I’m feeling very good. Overall, despite the significant increase in recent training, I feel on good form. I’m lighter, more agile, in a much better frame of mind. I currently weigh 81kg, which is not an indicator of anything to me, which is a steady maintenance of weight over the last year. All pleasing.


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  1. Weak ankles, skinny lower legs, shot Achilles and now small hands? Guess you are unlikely to become Britain’s Strongest Man any time soon! Loads of carbs and protein will be provided this evening in order to ensure you are bulked up for the weekend ahead.


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