25 Apr 16 – Monday – More food please!

Sitting at my computer last night, post-WOD and filling in the MyFitnessPal app, it became very clear that I am not eating enough. After seemingly stuffing myself with eggs, full fat milk, handfuls of spinach, nuts, etc throughout the day and even after a small bag of couscous, a banana and a couple of slices of ham, I was still some 400 Kcal short of my normal basal requirement; this wasn’t even taking in to account the demands of 2 PT sessions in the day. I knew I wasn’t getting enough protein but to not be getting enough in total is a little alarming. The strange thing is that I haven’t been feeling hungry for it; perhaps this is because I’ve been ticking over constantly with little bits over the course of the day. Nonetheless, I have to immediately review this. Mrs Nomad was very vocal in her disproval of my lack of hot food throughout the day, adding to the necessary pressure to sort it out.

However, on a macro level, my levels were pretty good. Fat was a little high (largely because of the milk), protein was high and carbs were low. Given that I’m not feeling tired, I’m quite happy with these for now but will focus on upping the general intake.

AM Aerobic Session

10 x 250m Row @ 90%

I misread this one and got it very wrong. I didn’t read the accompanying notes at all and just went straight in to this one. Anything ‘at 90%’ I take to mean ‘less intensity’. Ie; Give it 100% means, Give It Everything. Give it 90% means, work slightly less. But no, with this workout, it meant, “calculate your 500m time and work at 90% of the ‘per 500m’ time. Ie; if I normally work at 1:52min/500m then today work at 1:40min/500m! I hadn’t clocked that at all and, instead, slowed right down to 2min/500m. Aerobic Pathway? Not even close. I completed this without any warming up at all, as you would expect. Not a total waste of getting out of bed, I did spent the session working on form and the power curve on the Concept II. Definitely one for a repeat.


At CrossFit Watford for the 7.30pm session, I was extremely buoyant when I got there, even more so when I saw another opportunity to train Bench Press.

3 x 5 Bench Press

10 x 60 / 7 x 60 / 7 x 70 / 5 x 80 / 5 x 85

An increase from last week, by 5kg, I spent more time in the lower stage, pushing 10s and 7s instead of 5s. I didn’t warm up enough last week and so gave myself a little extra time this time around. Another 5kg is not to be sniffed at and I expect to be increasing this further in short order.


Another long one.

20min AMRAP

5 x Deadlift

5 x Hang Power Clean

5 x Front squat

5 x Push Press

5 x Back Squat

Total Rounds: 10 + 16

Rx was 50 Kg but I knew that would be too much for me. Focusing as I am on muscular endurance and the aerobic side, I dropped the weight to 40kg in order to maintain some semblance of pace. Aiming for 1 set per 2 mins, I hit this one perfectly. In order to keep to that pace, I really had to push myself hard; my right grip was the first thing to go. Using the Deadlift and Back Squat as the ‘rest’, I controlled breathing and kept it all under control. Afterwards, as is always the case, I questioned whether or not I could have gone out harder but I have to be fair to myself.


Not Enough. Must include more eggs, another slice of meat here or there and another fruit item. Perhaps some more milk.


The Deadlift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCGtwPhfGf4


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