Thurs 21 Apr 16 – Whoever wrote this WOD deserves a smack!

Welcome back to the new, old, same but different blog as it now is.

It’s Thursday and I am feeling fatigued, I won’t lie. Getting all of these sessions in such a small space of time isn’t optimal. Any coach will tell you that it’s about Quality, not Quantity. Increasing volume does not necessarily make you fitter. If you have a genuinely balanced programme, supported by adequate nutrition and rest, you can just about pull it off. If you are a top level athlete, pushing for the CrossFit Games or International Rugby, for instance, then you can pull it off. However, for ‘Average Joe’, I would never recommend “Double PE” each day.

So why am I doing it?

Focusing on my overall weakness, my mental ability to withstand pain, I have incorporated an aerobic engine programme in to the mornings. Given that I am tired, without food and grumpy, the morning is the best time for this. Utilising the Concept II Ergo Rower, the Watt Bike and Medium-Weight EMOMs, I am increasing my aerobic capacity. The Interval Training structure forces me to keep to a set pace/time and push through the general mental weakness too. By increasing my aerobic capacity, I am able to conduct more work in an aerobic fashion before breaking in to the anaerobic pathway (lactate). This only works so much though and I’ll soon have to focus specifically on the very painful Anaerobic pathway; you can’t just keep hammering away at the same metabolic pathway and expect constant progression.

I am also largely in control of my rest and nutrition (more on that in a moment) which gives me a unique moment in time to see if I can pull this off. Finally, I do have 3 days off at the end of the week to recover, so I am getting the recovery I need.

AM Work

After all that above, I didn’t do one this morning! Having done 3 this week, I gave it a rest. Listen to the body!


Work to a Heavy Clean

3 x 60 / 1 x 70 / 1 x 80 / 1 x 80 / 1 x 90 / 1 x 95kg

After a very long warm up, we had only 10 mins to work to a heavy clean. This was not enough to approach a 1 RM. Ordinarily, I would conduct this sequence and then drop back to the 80s before moving back up again through 100. That said, 95kg went up pretty easily and I’m sure that with just a few more minutes I would have pushed up 100kg. Perhaps I’ll get a chance next week to work on Strength.


Here we go:

For Time:



Chest To Bar Pull Ups

Box Jumps (24”)

Time: 16:24 Rx

What the F?! This was brutal. Funnily enough, the Burpees weren’t the killer. I paced those almost perfectly. The Chest To Bars were my weakness here. Starting off with a 10 / 5 / 5 / 5, I soon broke them all in to 5s, 3s and 2s with as little pause as possible. I kept the Box Jumps to ‘step ups’ in order to protect my Achilles from the damage of yesterday’s Double Unders but they are still counted as Rx in competition so I’ve recorded it as such. By the end of this, I knew the week was over. Every session this week has been in the Aerobic zone and I need to rest properly.


To just keep an eye on general macros, I’ve started reusing ‘My Fitness Pal’ to record my food intake. Immediately, I have found that I am not getting enough protein. Living here, I’ve been quite ‘meagre’ but haven’t been feeling hungry so have thought I was ok. Apparently, not so. I need approx. 120-135g of Protein per day and it wasn’t getting beyond about 80-90.

Beyond the Whiteboard

Due to injury / illness and the CF Open, my scores have not been maintained in the best way. Therefore, at this time, my score is just 63. I expect this to rise over the next few months quite sharply as I start repeating recognised WODs.


Chest To Bar Pull Ups:



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