10 Mar 16 – End of the Blog…..for now.

I’m afraid that, having not really achieved any significant gains in the CrossFit realm these past few years, the relevance of this blog has kind of been lost. I set it up originally to try and spur me on, to benchmark my emotions and feelings, using it as a self-coaching tool. Unfortunately, so many other factors have come in to play, not least the key one of me not actually being all that great at fitness events. I’ve also simply not had the time to work consistently (repeatedly going a week without training); perhaps if I’d had a consistent routine then I’d have seen more development, would have therefore been more motivated, etc. However, like with so many things, I am finding the uphill battle a little defeating.

This isn’t the end of me and CrossFit; indeed, I think that in the next job I will have the opportunity to workout a lot more. Actually, if I don’t then I’ll simply go mad because there isn’t a lot to do except work or workout. I still really enjoy CrossFit but I’d rather just enjoy it for now than pretend I’m going to be the next champion of this, that or the other. Having this blog was meant to force me to stop every time and log how I was doing. Instead it has become a chore.


I’ll therefore be stopping writing for a while; perhaps I’ll pick it up again in the future when I’m settled in London.


I’m sure both of you readers out there will understand.


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