Tues 01 Mar 16 – Achilles Paratenon Injection

Perhaps not ideal for the CrossFit Open but today I have had my Achilles worked on for the first time.

After an ultrasound last week, today was about injections in to the Paratenon. First, local anaesthetic was pushed in, then some saline.


Image thanks to: http://www.eorthopod.com/achilles-tendon-problems/topic/29

The aim is to separate the paratenon from the inner tendon, relieve the inflammation and then heal properly. We shall see. The chance of success isn’t especially high but it has worked on some. For the sake if a few injections it is definitely worth a try.

Right now, an hour after, it feels magical. Clearly this is as a result of the local anaesthetic…..perhaps I should just get a regular LA jab? 😉

With luck, I’ll be back in the game by the weekend, ready for Open WOD 16.2 on Monday.


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