Fri 26 Feb – CF Open 16.1 (Warmup)

So it begins. It’s that time of year again, the CrossFit Open.

I’ve rested my knee recently (Grade 2 Medial Cruciate Ligment tear!), focusing on knee strength and nothing ‘shock loading’ or dynamic. This seems to have been the right course of action as I’m in a much better place at the moment. Certainly not completely pain-free but stable.

With UK time being some 5-6 hours ahead of the US announcements, we didn’t get to hear the WOD prior to going to bed. In previous years I would have been quite apprehensive but there’s none of that this year. I’m running my own race and I’ve nothing to prove. So I woke up at 0540, check the phone and saw:

CrossFit Open WOD 16.1

20min AMRAP

  • 25-foot Overhead Walking Lunge (43kg)
  • 8 x Bar Facing Burpees
  • 25-foot Overhead Walking Lunge
  • 8 x Chest To Bar Pull Ups

My first response…….”meh”. Nothing there I can’t do and sticking it at 20 mins falls right in to my endurance capacity space.

I got in to the box and after a really good warm up with the coach, Janie, we got started. This was not going to be my official attempt, just a run through; lucky that was the case too, as I shall come on to. I knew from the outset that this had to be paced and very specifically too. So much so, in fact, that I intentionally paused at the end of each round to write the score down and take a breath. I learned very quickly that I should have performed more Overhead Walking Lunges in the warm up – my balance was off and this slowed me down. It took 2 rounds for the balance to kick in and I could then rattle through. Not once did I put that bar down though so happy with that. The Burpees…..well, they are burpees. I plodded through them and on Monday I expect to make up some time here. The Chest To Bar Pullups weren’t as bad as they could have been; the first round was unbroken, 2/3 were in 4s and the final 2 rounds in 4+2+2. Again, I expect to make up a few seconds here on the next attempt.

To my very meticulous counting, I achieved 6 full rounds and 18 reps of the 7th (where the 25-foot lane is 5 reps of 5′). However, the coach didn’t see it that way. While she wasn’t specifically watching me, she was watching the others, who had scaled (and changed weights during it) and who started to overtake me. Taking their word for the amount of reps completed, she then assessed my score to be 5+18, some 25 reps short of my actual total. In typical fashion, I got upset. However, it sets me up nicely for Monday now where not only can I beat today’s score (6+18) but hopefully get over 7 rounds. I figure I need to find about 30 seconds in order to give me time to complete the final 8 pull ups.

A great end to the week though…, off to watch Wales beat France in the 6 Nations!!!


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