08 Feb 16 – Monday in the Box

Back in this morning and absolutely raring to go as planned; this may be due to the double Costa Americano (Thank you to Mrs Nomad for the Tassimo for Christmas!) but I like to think I was freshly self-motivated too 😉

With only 3 athletes in for the WOD, there was space for me to get fully involved; being worried a little about my knee it was also a good chance to test it – and it came through pretty well.


Not for Time (yeah, right):


  • Goblet Squats @ 20kg
  • Push Ups
  • Kettlebell Swings (American) @  20kg

The aim of a “not for time” is to go unbroken, maintaining pace enough to push yourself but not break. I managed the lot unbroken. The time is in my notebook (in the car) but it was about 3 mins; I’ll update this when I get the book out. Knee held up well to both the Goblet Squats and the KB Swings; I could feel it wasn’t perfect but there was no pain.

5min Every Minute On The Minute

  • 3 Wall Walks.

Too easy. I should have pushed for 5.



  • Thrusters @ 40kg
  • Bar Facing Burpees

A cut-down version of a 13.x CF Open WOD, this was a nice little one to ease myself back in to and check my current injuries. All passed with colours. I kept the burpees under control and perhaps spent a little too much time on them.  After recording everyone else’ time I then realised I’d forgotten mine!!! So……I did it again. Well, I did half of it again and worked out the average time for each rep before adding a fudge factor at the end and recording a 4 min 22 secs time for it. I feel it was 4 min 17 secs but I can’t be sure so it is what it is. Lesson Learned.

This has the potential to be a good training week. While I’m not able to train on Friday morning, I should be able to get in at least 4 sessions this week and really test my knee out.





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