Sat 6 Feb – 8 days off. Oh yeah, it shows.


Phew, this one hurt but necessarily so. 8 days after my last workout, I always knew I’d be blowing and that was certainly the case.

I’ve been on a military exercise for the last 5 days and while it was entirely indoors,  the hours were 0800-0100 every day. When you include transit time fore and aft, they were looooooong days. Due to that, there genuinely was no chance for any exercise at all. Every cloud has a silver lining though and I took this as an opportunity to rest my shoulder and knee.

During a pool session with the kids this morning,  it was apparent that my knee hasn’t fully recovered (after 3 weeks) and my shoulder is still impinged somewhere deep inside. Sure, they are both getting better but far slower than I’d have expected.

Still, I had to get my heart rate up so headed through the rain out to the garage. I conducted a good warm up and am pleased that my overhead squats have really improved this year with great form. Keeping the weight at 50kg, I have a 24″ box too so felt that some “Grace” with box jump overs would be a good way back in.


Yeah…..that was sucky.  Experience kept my breathing under control but I still had to take breaks in rounds 2 and 3 of the barbell work. I had originally intended for 60kg!! Thank Thor that didn’t happen.

Monday will be that little but easier now when I rock up to resume Open training.

For the rest of the weekend, it’s rugby and….



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