Wed 27 Jan 15 – No Sugar, new PRs

Completely unrelated to each other but today marks 3 days of no sugar and I also achieved a new PR.

Unable to get any time to get to CF Plymouth today or yesterday, I had to squeeze in and rush only part of today’s WOD. Next week is going to be worse with not a single moment in 4 days available for a workout. Genuinely, there will be not a moment permitted from Monday to Friday due to a military staff exercise. I’m going to have to be very imaginative. With the Open coming up, I am simply not even close to being where I need to be to beat last year’s scores.

However, I did find 45 mins spare in the timetable so headed to the gym on base for:

5RM Back Squats

60 (x 10) / 80 / 100 / 110 / 122.5

A new PR by 5kg! Given my borked knee at the moment, this was a real achievement. I know that I had more in the legs too. 125kg is my next goal there.

3 x 5 Push Press

70 / 75 / 77.5kg

Not bad at all! Again, the knee was the weak point and I couldn’t keep pressing out with it. I’ve got over 80kg in me for this.


It’s worth mentioning that this is day 3 of no refined sugar as well. Not a single snaffle of chocolate, no fruit juices, no biscuits……and I’m cranky as hell! I’ve been really very good this week so far and while it’s giving me the typical headaches and annoyances, I know it’s a good thing. I don’t really want to write any more as I am feeling proper narky. More tomorrow.


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