Monday 25 Jan 16 – Mean on the Mind

Trying to push yourself through a chipper, albeit not a particularly lengthy one, at 0645, with a buggered knee, tight shoulder, f’ked achilles and noone else to work with is extremely Mean on the Mind.

You can probably guess what I mean by that but to explain, it took every ounce of willpower to see myself through the WOD this morning. My mind battled against me at every turn, trying to find excuses not to carry on. From the moment I tackled the rope for some climbing drills (trashing my shoes in the process), I could feel the oppressive thought clouds gathering. Not helped by there being noone to workout with, the only 2 other people decided to attempt the ‘Sport’ programming (and shouldn’t have), each of my little niggles just seemed amplified somehow. When I got out of bed this morning, my achilles felt no worse than it has before, my shoulder pain had gone and my knee felt pretty comfortable. I knew there would be nothing particularly taxing to any of those injuries; there was nothing plyometric or ‘shocking’ to any of it. But it didn’t matter. From the bell my head just tried to make me stop.

Sure, I took some breaks in there; I paused far too often in the obvious movements (burpees) but I plugged on through and was left gasping at the end. The time is nothing to write home about but I am extremely pleased just to have overcome those little demons. Having not trained for 6 days due to injury and military exercises elsewhere, I knew this morning would be tough. I had hoped to have others around me to spur me on but it doesn’t always work like that.


For Time:

  • 40 x Jumping Lunges
  • 40 x Kettlebell Swing (24kg)
  • 40 x Lateral Over-Bar Burpees
  • 40 x Thruster (30 kg)
  • 40 x Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull (24kg)
  • 40 x Mountain Climbers

Time: 13:47.

I had to trade out the Jumping Lunges for regular Lunges as my knee couldn’t take it from the outset. The KB Swings were entirely unbroken. The Burpees were methodical and slow but unbroken. The Thrusters were a 15 / 5 / 10 / 10 (after taking some man-up juice!). The KB SDHPs were 20/10/10 and the Mountain Climbers were 20/20 with just a very brief pause in between.




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