Mon 18 Jan 16 – Dodgy Knee and not reading the WOD.

Lat week’s Clean escapades, followed by crap Snatch technique, have resulted in a right knee problem. Where I was collapsing the right knee to the ground during the heavy Cleans, I have developed pain along the top of the patella. The tendon (Quadricep Femoris) is very tight and sore; I spent the weekend with a knee support on and it’s helped but there’s a week of recovery ahead this week.

So, it perhaps wasn’t the best idea to try to conduct Cleans as part of the Front Squat work today!

Another 0615 session to coach; only 1 person turned up for it today. 2 others came in for the ‘Sport’ programming, only one of who should be doing that. Despite the head coach pushing the regular CF programming more, there is an unhealthy level of disdain for it which is vocalised and then rubs off on the athletes. This in turn forces them in to the Sport programming which delivers considerably more volume than the CF ‘mainsite’ type programme, less rest and less ability to practice skills. The Sport programme is very much for the Competitor athletes, and is tailored to the competition season but is not delivering competitors from the masses. Indeed, with the Open approaching, we expect to see about 15 of 150 people actually signing up despite a lot of promotion.

The lady who turned up to the 0615 session put in BAGS of effort though and, arguably, she is one of the people who could do the Sport programming but has decided to spend time working on skills and movement. It’s athletes like this that make coaching (especially so early in the morning) worthwhile.


100 x Box Step Ups w/ Overhead Barbell

5 min Time Cap.

Essentially a 5 min AMRAP, I achieved only 75 reps. Shoulders weren’t really affected at all but my right knee was. It wasn’t stable and I took time to shake it off repeatedly. Would I have achieved a full 100 in that time with a stable knee? Not sure. I tried to set a 20 / min pace but it was very tough.


7min AMRAP

  • 5 x Front Squat (70kg)
  • 8 x Chest To Bar Pull Ups

Total: 7 rounds Complete

Having attempted to work alongside the other athlete in there, I was intent on Cleaning the bar each time. However, this very rapidly resulted in excrutiating knee pain and so I stopped, coached her and push her through to 7 complete rounds and a final Front Squat. Awesome work. Using Jumping Pull Ups, she squatted with 25kg and kept up the work rate well. Once she had finished, I set up a squat rack and conducted the squats from the rack – MUCH better although I spent a lot of time focussing on keeping a very stable knee. It wasn’t until round 3 that I re-read the board and remembered that the Pull Ups were supposed to be “Chest To Bar”! Nevermind, I carried on with butterfly and kipping pull ups instead.

It was a pretty sluggish start to the week, to be honest. I worked hard but it was laboured. Oddly, I actually don’t feel bad about it; ordinarily, I would be hammering myself for not trying hard enough. However, I did try hard, I just felt like I was moving slowly, against my will. Tomorrow will be a better day, I am sure.


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