04 Jan 16 – Monday, back to work

In a change to normal proceedings, there were more people in the CrossFit (Traditional) class than the CrossFit Sport session. In my humble opinion, some 50% of the people in the ‘Sport’ sessions shouldn’t be there anyway but that is their choice. It was great to have 6 people there for the early morning class. There is a considerable misperception about what CrossFit is, especially when confronted with “S&C for CF Competitions” programming, aka CrossFit Sport. More than one person this morning said, “I didn’t want to come back too hard after 2 weeks off, I wanted to take it easy with the ‘Lite’ version”. I also had someone with critical mobility issues telling me that they were moving on to 2 sessions a day because they want to get fit. It’s comments like these that make me weep. CrossFit programming, done properly and to the correct intensity, should not allow you to have more sessions in the day – you should be recovering! Working the ‘Sport’ sessions typically consists of a heavy Strength phase followed extremely soon after by a MetCon – you can’t expect to work to your maximum on the MetCon if you’ve just drained your legs on a 1RM Snatch session. For those gearing up for competitions, who know they will have up to 5 WODs in a day, this is no bad thing. However, it can be highly detrimental to health if not part of a collective focus that includes better nutrition and recovery. For those regularly competing, they will incorporate these other factors; for the majority of us, we simply don’t.

Anyway, this isn’t a rant, it’s a brand new year and a new start for all. On recovering from the shock of seeing 6 people at the 0615 CF session this morning, we were confronted with:

The Chief

5 x (with 1 min rest after each 3 min cycle):

3min AMRAP

  • 3 x Power Clean (60kg)
  • 6 x Push Up
  • 9 x Air Squat

Total: 20.91 rounds (336 reps).

We began with a lot of dynamic stretching, squatting, ankle mobility and hip work to get things kicked off. We then worked the Power Clean while placing some focus on correct push up form; it’s amazing how even this simple movement is often mis-performed. For a few, the Air Squat was of real importance. One of the ‘Sport’ regulars is unable to conduct an overhead squat and is unable to conduct a barefoot squat. Once correctly mobilised and warm, we charged headlong in to this one. Trying to maintain some kind of consistency throughout the rounds was tough. I went from 5 rounds in the first cycle to 3+11 in the final one. The Cleans slowed me down and I actually let myself down by dropping the bar in the 3 cycle. Once I’d done that, I kept dropping it and wasting too much time. My own fault.

This score is the 63rd percentile on Beyond The Whiteboard; slightly disappointing but I’d also like to take in to account the ‘Christmas spirit’ that needs to leave my body over the next few weeks, as well as the lack of regular exercise over the period.

All in all, not a bad start, more to come.



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