30 Dec – Happy Christmas, Dear Reader

Very merry Christmas to you, dear reader(s). It’s been about 20 days or so since my last confession but I’ve been training in that time, don’t worry. It’s been the season of utter silliness, too much alcohol, compressed (maintenance) training and the wrong food. However, it’s been a lot of fun to have family around and to let loose for a bit. It lends perspective and is a chance to rethink those things important and a priority (or not). There’ll be more to follow on this subject in the  near future but suffice to say that CrossFit isn’t going to be a significant priority for me. Well, taking part in CrossFit is but not as a sport or for competition in itself; I’ve tried to do that this year and the time just isn’t there to make the gains necessary to be a competitor in any meaningful sense. There’ve been 3 competitions this year, all in the same box, and they’ve been a great deal of fun. I never managed to get out in to other competitions and wouldn’t have been much good in them even if I had. I also never managed to get an obstacle course race in and that has upset me a little more; I’ll be getting a few of those in this coming year. I may also go back to mid-week rugby for a season or two too; we’ll see.

Anyway, back to today. With a shuffle around in CrossFit Plymouth, the 0615 sessions are now predominantly ‘mainsite’ style programming instead of ‘S&C for CF-style competitions’ and I’m enjoying a return to ‘CF proper’ as I see it. We can still do the other programming at that time but as I coach one of those sessions, I am getting back in to that and finding a return of some of the enjoyment that I’ve lost over the last 6-9 months. Being able to log scores as part of the wider community again, and feel like I’m back part of the wider CF group, is motivating.


Every Minute on the Minute, x 5

30sec Handstand Hold

Completed without a problem. I should now be doing these away from the wall for at least 2 rounds of the 5.


3 Rounds for Time:

  • 50 x Barbell Lateral Jump Overs
  • 40 x Sit Ups
  • 30 x Front Squats @ 40kg
  • 20 x Pull Ups
  • 10 x Strict Press @ 40kg

Time: 21:35 Rx

I didn’t push myself hard enough in the Front Squats or Pull Ups, and I took too long to rest when I did break it up. Both FS and PU were broken in to pre-determined sets and I stuck to them well. I just need to get back to the bar quicker. The first set of pull ups were regular kips; this was too slow and so I pushed the butterfly kips for the second 2 rounds. Much quicker. All else was unbroken although perhaps I used the sit ups to take a rest maybe a little too much. I think I should have been under 20 mins and will look to see what the other scores are throughout the day.

However, these WODs are much easier to log on Beyond the Whiteboard; Due to lack of logging, I’ve dropped down to 66th percentile with a big red “!” for “You haven’t logged enough qualified workouts to give us much confidence in the accuracy of your Fitness Level. “. Time to start logging everything again.

I’ve approached my potential future box too, CrossFit Watford. I’ll be going there next week to try them out and will then perhaps be joining them in April.


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