01 Dec 15 – Great competition, just ticking along

Not much to report at the moment, I’m afraid, dear readers.

We had an absolutel stormer of a competition on Sunday. Named the “Bromance/Romance/Hoemance Games”, this was a relatively low-level CrossFit Plymouth affair with partnerships from local boxes taking part too. I joined up with a competition newbie, Neil, and we did far better than expected with 4th of 6 in our Bromance category. We dominated quite a few young ‘uns too, with experience showing over youthful exuberance.

I would write more about it but right now I am feeling like I’ve been hit by a small truck. it’s only a small cold and it won’t last long but it’s stopped me in my tracks for a few days. I expect to be back up and running on Thursday though.

In the longer term, I’ve decided to go bacak to Mainsite programming as soon as this cycle is over. Time is one factor but I really do miss the ‘traditional’ aspect of CrossFit. It’s been fun having the structured approach to the strength cycles, and I’ve seen development, but it’s been hard to record and track on Beyond the Whiteboard and it simply takes too much of my time. I love the ability to measure up against others and at the moment that only really happens in competitions and the Open. I’d like to get back to being able to see the Mainsite WOD and the comments underneath it – I miss the ‘affiliation’ with the wider CrossFit community.

so, we’ll see how that goes as of late December. Until then though, I’m off for a Lemsip and a general whinge.


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