20 Nov 15 – Friday – Ending the week, leaving nothing in the tank.

So after whinging like a girl that I can’t get to do my hobby as I would like to and actually have some control over my life, I ended up doing 2 WODs today!

Isn’t that always the way though?

I went out on Thursday night on a work social and yes, I ended up worse for wear.  Crawling in at 0100, I headed in to the kitchen for a pint of water and some protein. Stuffing myself under the covers, I giggled as I considered that the only reason I was still getting up at 0545 was to coach someone else, not actually do the WOD myself. Waking on time, I felt far better than I’d feared and was only really a little tired. I got in to the box and looked around for the athlete in question but she hadn’t arrived at that point so I got stuck in to the warm up with the others. It was at that point that I should have noticed the warning signs – the heart rate was abormally high, the blood pressure seemed a little punchy and the nausea was already growing. The athlete still wasn’t there by the time of the strength element either so I decided to get stuck in to that.


10 Rounds, every 90 secs

3 x Deadlift (Touch’n’Go) – Max Daily Effort.

Final total: 160kg

Impressing myself in this one, I maintained great form (Apparently) to hold a 3 Rep Max of 160kg. This is a new record for me. My heart rate quite high by now, my eyes were twitching towards the door every few seconds. Still no show. I sent a few facebook messages but nothing. So…..you say there’s a MetCon, huh?


  • 100 Burpees
  • 30 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
  • 100 Box Jumps 24″
  • 30 Toes to Bar

Time: 21:29 RX. It was when the clock ticked past 7 mins and I still only just cracked 80 Burpees that I knew it was going to be a bad session.  Normally at 7 mins, I have clocked 100 Burpees. Despite a very constant pace and having performed full (non-step up) Burpees throughout, I was well off the pace. The Chest To Bar Pull Ups were completed as a 10 and then sets of 5. The Box Jumps, again actually jumping and not stepping up, were at a good pace too but just not good enough. The Toes to Bar, better than last week, were still limiting in the extreme. As a 10 and then 5s, I felt very sick as the clock headed towards 21:30.

Compared to the other times on the board later on, I was dire. I should have been at least 2 mins faster than I was but I’m putting it down to the alcohol; that was a killer.

Looking at the menu later in the day, I was the WOD that I was to be coaching that night. A team WOD, it looked right up my street with Wall Walks, Rope Climbs, Turkish Get Ups and heavy Clusters (Clean-to-Thruster). Despite struggling through the morning, I was feeling pretty nimble by the afternoon so spoke to the head coach and asked if he’d mind me taking part in it too. As it happened, he was also running it as a ‘Silver Spartans’ (over-35s) WOD too so it was definitely one for me to get in on. As it happened there was only 1 new guy in on the session so after getting the first (1730) session out of the way, I was able to get right in to the 1830 session alongside some extremely fit veterans who I get on well with.

30min AMRAP (in teams of 3)

  • 12 x Wall Walks
  • 12 x Rope Climbs @ 15′
  • 12 x Turkish Get Ups @ 20kg
  • 12 x Clean-to-Thruster @ 70kg
  • 100m Fireman’s Carry

Completing 3 complete rounds plus 43 reps, we stormed it and worked non-stop in excellent rotation. More than making up for the hungover abomination of the morning, this was a bloody brilliant way to end the week.


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