16 Nov 15 – Monday – Don’t worry, I have actually been training!!

Wow….so this might be my longest period without an update. I do apologise as I’m sure you’re all thinking, “I wonder what happened to that Nomadcelt guy….is he still out there in interwebland?”. Of course, the answer is, “yes”. Still here and still getting stronger…maybe. The fact is that I actually, like most of you, have a real life job and family and other commitments that have taken up considerable capacity. For at least a week, this meant that there was no training at all due to overseas travel but the rest was perhaps a good thing and the universe’s way of telling me to stop. I’ve been becoming pretty disillusioned with just about everything recently and was finding training to be a chore rather than a pleasurable experience (yep, I usually do find that). A week out did just enough to stop me sacking the whole thing and returning to globo-gym & treadmill running. However, after about 7 days off I still then only managed a solitary session followed by another 2 days away. This has resulted in a very painful transition back in to the gym, especially the MetCons; it’s amazing what you lose after just a short time out. I’m still feeling pretty disillusioned generally but at least some of my motivation for CrossFit has returned. It’s a good thing too as my BeyondTheWhiteboard score has dropped to 73!!!

So, I’m not going to rehash the previous 6 sessions, I’ll just start again today.


15mins to a 5 RM Back Squat

80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 117.5kg

5 reps at 117.5kg. Could I have achieved 120kg? perhaps. As is mostly the case, it was at 0630 and I’d had only a handful of mixed nuts for breakfast. This is a 5kg increase on a similar session on 26 Oct and so is quite pleasing overall.



20min AMRAP


  • Power Snatch @ 50kg
  • 10 x Wall Balls @9kg

Total: 9 Complete Rounds + 10 x Power Snatch

This should have been scaled to 40 but it’s always great to see that with hindsight. If I’d looked at what the coach was actually trying to achieve here then I’d have realised that it was a light weight / large volume WOD. I foolishly went for 50kg which resulted in significant pauses where a higher volume at lighter weight would have achieved a significantly higher overall output. All Wall Balls had to be completed unbroken or include 5 x Burpees for each break; they were unbroken. I also cricked my neck on the last few lifts and can laughably now only look over my right shoulder!



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