26 Oct 15 – Monday morning comes round all too often.

Getting out of bed this early is never easy, especially on a Monday. Yet Monday’s do appear to pop up all too frequently to my mind. Now that it’s dark out, it would appear that others see this as the case too. Just myself plus one other turned up for this morning’s session while 4 others made it to an ‘Open’ session about 15mins after we began. I get it, I do. It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s wet. Getting out of the bed with the sun beaming through your curtains is always going to be easier.

But whose goals suddenly diminish just because the seasons change? Who thinks to themselves, “you know what, it’s dark now, I don’t really want to get stronger/fitter/healthier/thinner/bigger”? Indeed, it’s my focus on my goals that is getting me out of bed in the morning. Except for Mondays when I have to coach, there is nothing to pull me out of bed that early except seeing my scores improve consistently and my goals come just a step closer. If the sun not being in the sky results in you giving up on your goals, were they ever goals in the first place?

So, N and myself made it in to the box anyway and got stuck in to the first part:


15mins to a 5 RM Back Squat (with 3 sec pause on first 2 reps).

Max Weight: 112.5kg

This is a considerable increase on the same workout last week. 7.5kg higher, I did say last week that I’d coached myself out of time and didn’t get a true lift in. Well here it is. That said, as always, I could have gone heavier and will do so over coming weeks. My 5RM is 120kg but the pauses really take it out of you, as they are meant to.


We’d both been fearing this one a little, I must admit. However, after spending another 15 mins working on Snatch and Power Snatch, we went in to:

3 Rounds for Time:

  • 100 x Double Unders
  • 10 x Power Snatch

Time: 14:23

The Rx weight on the board was 80kg which was never going to happen ever. My 1 RM is 75! I therefore dropped to “Level 2” and 60kg. I felt this was going to be a considerable challenge in itself but I was pleasantly surprised. The first round of Double Unders were completed in 1:02 (which I recorded separately), a new record for me. Not unbroken but better than previously. The Snatches were then done in 2.5 mins. This is certainly not anything to write home about but I did them with proper confidence and form. The second round was about a minute slower and the third round equalled the second. It wasn’t the snatches that slowed me down though, it was the Double Unders. It’s hard to maintain the skill and coordination – you have to be very relaxed. I actually used the final round of snatches to make up time that I’d lost on DUs. I have also established 60kg as my new ‘working weight’ for Snatches; it wasn’t so long ago that 60kg was my working weight for Cleans so there is definitely some significant progression going on.


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