23 Oct, Fri – Snatches and Wall Ball Annie

Just a quick update today.

20min EMOM

Even – 3 x Power Snatch @ 60-80% 1RM
Odd – 5 x Bent over Row

Max weight: 60kg

Starting at 50kg, I pushed up to 60kg. All Power Snatches were touch’n’go, no pause. This is a significant improvement for me. It wasn’t long ago that I really struggled with 60kg Power Snatches. To repeat, and repeat well, is a gain.


50-40-30-20-10 For Time

Wall Balls, 9kg to 10′
Double Unders

Time: 11:20 RX

First set of wall balls were a 35+15. Thereafter, I let them slip in to tens and fives. A bit disappointing but I did work hard. All double unders were unbroken, somewhat making up for time lost on wall balls.


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