22 Oct, Thurs. WOD and a funeral.

After 2 days off, I really had to get in to the gym. I was feeling a little twitchy and am so keen to keep building on recent successes. However, with a funeral to go to I didn’t have too much time so had to pick the important bits. More on that in a moment.  I’m working on strength for now and so cherry-picked that over metcons.

The Wed Strength WOD was:

20min EOM

1 x Clean
1 x Front Squat
1 x Jerk

Max weight: 102.5kg

This is similar to one last week and so I was keen to progress. Beginning at 82.5 (bodyweight, more or less), I pushed up through 90 and really didn’t think I was going to make it to 100. However, the body is stronger than the mind and I kept going. Sure enough, I hit 95 with relative ease and knew I could get my 102.5 again. To be fair, I should have attempted 105 but maybe next week. To have equalled my 1RM, including a separate front squat for good measure, is pleasing.

With that in the bag, I moved on to today’s strength portion.

10mins to a 2RM Front Squat w/ 2 sec pause at bottom.

Max weight: 112.5kg

Another great success, very pleased. This new squat programme is showing immediate results in a short space of time. Increasing on last week’s results already, this is a pretty good number worldwide.

But yes, then I had a funeral to attend.

It’s hard to find the right words when talking about death. The deceased was a good friend of mine. Not the kind that I spoke to every day but the kind that, when we did talk, had genuine effect and meaning. We met in Afghanistan in 2011 and spent many a cup of coffee spinning dits and having a laugh. I flew out to his Patrol base a number of times just to have a catch up. On returning to the UK, we went back to our own areas. In fact, he recently left the military to work in the city. Full of energy, adventure, optimism and genuine character, he was one of those people who affected everyone in a positive way. This was borne out in the thousand or so people who turned up to his funeral, ranging across the entire rank spectrum. His wife and two children have lost a tremendous guy. It was a true privilege to have attended his send off.

Miss you buddy.


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