14 Oct 15 – Double Up the WODs….with surprising results.

Not having been able to get to the box yesterday, I had to couple today’s strength WOD with yesterday’s to catch up. Hacing had a pretty guff day all round, I escaped for the afternoon and just wanted to bury myself under the bar. I wasn’t expecting to achieve much but aren’t they sometimes the best days?


A.  Every other minute for 20mins
Snatch w/pause at knee + Overhead Squat w/pause at bottom (3secs pauses)

Heaviest weight: 70kg!! This was a bit of a shock, to be honest. I started at 57.5kg and was expecting to conclude at about 65kg maximum. However, I even had more in the tank and should perhaps have pushed on to 72.5kg. Technique was good and confidence high.

B.  Every other minute for 20mins

Clean, Hang Clean, Jerk.

Heaviest weight: 95kg!! As with the Snatch before it, I surpassed my expectations today. I was expecting to stop at around 85-87.5kg. When I completed 90kg, I knew there was more in the tank and went straight to 95kg. Sure, it was tough but it was relatively pretty and strong. I’ll be over 105kg for a Clean & Jerk very soon.


Every 3rd min for 18mins (6rds)

  • 10 x Thrusters 40kg
  • 10 x Box Jumps 24″
  • 10 x Wallballs 9kg to 10′

As soon as I saw this one, I knew it wouldn’t be too troubling. Completing each round in about 70 seconds, I have almost 2 mins rest between each rounds. Each went well until round 6 when my legs finally drained and the box jumps took it out of me. Still, I completed the final round in 80 seconds.

You can take this type of WOD in 2 ways. The first is to go all out and push to get a faster time each round. This is the route that I took, with a fastest time of 63 seconds. It’s also tempting to just pace the whole thing and cruise around the 6 rounds which gives little benefit. I think I pushed myself as hard as a possibly could have done today and am really pleased overall.


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