12 Oct 15 – A Mile Of Pain

A tough start to this week, that’s for sure. I missed out on the Back Squats last week due to recovery from Primal Games but today was a chance to get stuck in on the new programme.


10mins to achieve a 3 RM Back Squats
With a 3 second pause at the bottom.

Heaviest weight: 100kg. I coached myself out of a heavier lift by spending time with others but that’s the nature of coaching sessions, right? Still, it was bloody heavy and I’m not sure I could have done more than 105kg anyway.

13 Minute AMRAP:

  • 5 Muscle Ups or 10 CTB, pull ups or ring rows
  • 10 HSPU or 20 push ups
  • 15 Back Squat @75% of A.
    The bar must be taken from the ground for the Back Squat.
  • Rest 3 Minutes
  • 1 Mile Run

Total: 2 Rounds and 21 reps. The Muscle Ups slowed me right down; this is an area I really do have to get back in to. I have to be stringing these together again.

1 Mile Run time: 7:08. After the phenomenal amount of heavy squats, this run was quite laughable to start with. It took about 800m to start to get my own legs back. To be fair, I’m quite happy with this time after that amount of work.


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