Mon 28 Sept – Wales Win, Dad in hospital, no records on the 1RM but a rise on Beyond the Whiteboard

Ok, we’ll start with the Wales win.


Ok, that’s out of my system now. Phew!! What a game that was on Saturday night. Sat in a hospital room with my dad (pneumonia….him, not me) late on Saturday night, our hearts were in our mouths from start to finish. Never letting England get out of sight, the boys in red maintained a grip and when the game broke up, despite the horrendous list of 1st choice injuries, they struck and stole the match in the last 5 mins. I’m not going to give a match review here, lest to say that we deserved it and I’m happy to discuss that with anyone ;o)

So it was with a slightly more jubliant than usual spring in my step that I strolled in to the box this morning. Greeted by only 2 others, we were confronted with “test week”. After 12 weeks of programming, it’s our chance to see how we’ve progressed. Seeing the movements, I knew full well what the outcome would be and, exactly as predicted, it proved to be.

1 RM Snatch

Total: 70kg

With only 15mins to establish a 1RM Snatch, I was never going to get to my 1RM, let alone set a record. At that time of the morning and with no real real build up, I defy anyone to peak on call like that. However, that was what was on the board and that was what we tried to achieve. I still haven’t addressed my deficiencies here and it showed with extreme rustiness and lack of confidence. 70kg is 5kg lower than my 1RM and I’ll be looking to remedy this (but then, I always say this and ever have the time to do so).

1 RM Back Squat

Total: 135kg

I have to go back almost 3 months since I last carried out any heavy back squats. They may well have been in the programme but I have been out and about, as is the nature of my job, and I’ve missed it. This is a total disappointment, more so than the Snatch. 135kg is still well below the heights of my 145 last year and I struggled / battled to lift this one.


10min to complete:

  • 1 mile Run
  • As many rounds of Cindy as possible.

Total rounds: 4

Happier with this than the strength work today, I powered round the 1 mile course in 6:33 (not bad for that time of the morning, with no breakfast) which gave me 3:27 to complete as many rounds as possible of 5 x Pull Ups, 10 x Sit Ups , 15 x Air Squats. Completely unbroken, I pushed through to complete 4 rounds just as the bell went. All pull ups were butterfly too.

All in all, the morning wasn’t exactly a waste, even if it was a little disappointing.


However. I have just logged my scores to find a jump on Beyond The Whiteboard! I have gone from 71st percentile to 73rd! At one point, it even read 74 but then I added in my Snatch / Back Squat scores from today and it bounded down slightly. So, overall, what I am doing is working.


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