18 Sept 15 – Weakness on Weakness

I hate that feeling when you look at the WOD and know immediately that it’s going to be tough. Of course, they’re always tough…what I mean here is, “by Thor’s beard, they’ve picked movements that I know I still suck at!”. Yep, Snatches and (lately) Muscle Ups. I’ve identifed repeatedly my weakness in the Snatch and have done absolutely nothing about it. So when I walked in this morning, I didn’t do so in the frame of mind that I should have done, further exacerbating the problem. Still, I really did attempt to overcome the mental side and pushed myself as hard as I could in this one.

So yeah, up at 0545, in the box for 0600 and working by 0615.


A) 8 x 2RM Power Snatch, Every 90 secs.

45 / 50 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 60 / 65 / 60

I can’t find a record on Beyond The Whiteboard but I believe this is a 2RM for me. Touch’n’Go throughout, I got up to 65 but brought it down to 60 for the final round. I was generating almost no power in the hips and really had to concentrate to get moving properly. I know that with more time, I would have loosened up and may have pushed beyond 65kg but that’s all I managed today.

Action: Every weekend spend time in the garage working solely on the Snatch. Generate workout plan to remedy weaknesses.

B) 1min Max Effort Power Snatches @ 60% of A – 40kg

Total: 17 reps.

Muscle Snatches throughout, I broke at 10 and then did 7 in the remaining time. I can see why Muscle Snatch is preferable for a low weight, it is so much faster despite relying heavily on the shoulders.



12min AMRAP

  • 25m Overhead Walking Lunge w/ 25kg plate
  • 20 x Wall Balls (9kg, 10′)
  • 15 x HR Push Ups
  • 10 x Kettlebell Squat w/ 32kg KB
  • 5 x Muscle Up

Total: 2 rounds + 18m

HR Push Ups and Muscle Ups slowed me down here. To be fair, the HR Push Ups didn’t add much time in the overall scheme but the Muscle Ups did. Before I moved house, I had the rings up in a tree in the garden all year round and would spend time on them at least a few times a week. Since moving to Plymouth, that hasn’t been the case and I have neglected them; this is the result. I can’t currently string more than 2 together, especially when fatigued, whereas previously my record was 8. I have confidence that I can recover this but I think it requires me getting on the rings every time I get in to the Box in order to catch up where I was before.

Action: multiple muscle ups at the beginning of every session in the box.


And now, more importantly, on to the rugby!! I’m Welsh so this might be a short-lived event this time round but I am still keen to start off with a bang and will see England vs Fiji this evening with my wife and cousin before heading in to Plymouth tomorrow to watch all the games I can squeeze in. A free pint to whomever meets up with me as a result of this. Do message me to organise it else how will you know who I am??


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