15 Sept 15 – Swift and heavy, away from home

Travelling today, I didn’t think I’d get a workout in. However, time allowed and after a swift trot to a Decathlon to pick up a super tight but mega cheap vest (I forgot mine), I galloped in to a local, low profile gym to complete the following:


CFP’s “Lite” programming suited the available equipment more than the ” Sport” variant and so I threw it up on the board and went for it. Buoyed by my recent Clean successes, I picked 80kg where the program merely said, “Heavy”. I think I hit it spot on and was pleased to plough through this with effort. I failed 2 attempts in the 7 rounds and I think that’s about right. Step ups were awkward but unbroken. Pushup were too easy and I ended up doing ten at one stage. Pleased they have become easier. Tomorrow is all business and no play so I am especially pleased to have got this in.

Now, it’s on to a local pub for dinner and a Guinness.


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