10 Sept 15 – Deadlifts, Burpees and lack of sleep.

You know you’ve done deadlifts correctly when it’s your glutes fatigued and not your back. Thankfully, that was the case today. After not having done Deadlifts for quite a while, today’s WOD hammered them and then I decided to follow it up with 6 games of Squash!

You’ll all recall (all one of you) from last night’s blog that I was getting up at 0600 this morning but when the alarm went off it wasn’t the first time I had opened my eyes overnight. Despite getting to sleep quickly, I awoke twice and maintained only shallow sleep. This has been happening all too often and is a direct result of work and CrossFit. I lay awake at night thinking about the next WOD and my heart rate soars. Or, I lay awake thinking about things going on at work and my heart rate soars. There is really no reason for it other than pressure I am putting on myself. I can’t clear my mind at the moment, it’s pretty hard to overcome. I’ve been drinking ‘sleep tea’ with extract of Valerian root to help and sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Anyway, the point is (after that tangent) that when my alarm went off, I simply wasn’t in the mood.

A cup of coffee later and I was feeling better but got in to work knowing a full day’s work lay ahead and there wasn’t any chance of getting to the gym. However, sometimes things just work out, don’t they? After cracking some meetings, writing about 1000 words and getting some other bits done, I was left with a gap. Boom! In to the gym.

Part A


  • Even number: 30secs Double Unders
  • Odd number: 5 x Deadlift

Score = Double Under / Deadlift

40/80, 40/90, 48/90, 47/90, 36/90, 38/90, 32/100, 31/100, 38/100, 26/100

I knew from the outset that 80kg was too easy and so ramped it up. After 5 at 90kg, I decided to push it at 100kg and was pleased I did. That wasn’t the end though.

Part B

Death By…

  • Deadlift
  • Lateral Over Bar Burpee

On the minute, 1 x Deadlift and 1 x Burpee. Increase by 1 per round until you cannot complete the minute.

Total: 5 rounds plus 8

After being happy with 100kg, I completely failed to appreciate the fatigue and went for 130kg for this one. Too much. 21 Deadlifts at 130kg was too much for me and my grip without compromising form; it was very close to that. I should have stuck to about 110kg. Lesson learned.


But that wasn’t the end either. After packing everything away it was time for a few games of Squash. I’ve not really played for a couple of years but with a few interested guys in my outfit I’ve been roped in. Luckily, I managed to win all three matches without dropping a game, remarkable in itself, but by the end I was completely toast. I’m sitting here writing this in the aftermath of a great session Deadlifting, some strong speed work on the Squash court and I’m feeling last night’s Tabatas exactly as I said I would too.

Tomorrow morning at CFP and then a rest over the weekend, I think!


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