09 Sept 15 – Return to Tabata

A few days away from writing but no rest. After Monday morning coaching, with power cleans, jerks, cleans and a cheeky MetCon (burpees, toes to bar and heavy thrusters), I had to sit on a train for 7hrs of my Tuesday.  There was no way I could fit anything in at all. I did get a little mobility work, as I  have most evenings recently. However, today was going to be a big session and I was set up to give it one.

And then life and work got in the way.

With the best of intentions destroyed,  I got home and was contemplating a garden WOD. Before I knew it, darkness had swept over the Plymouth skies and I  was confined to the house. So what to do?

The answer: Tabata

For thosr that don’t know, Tabata is a High Intensity Interval Training method of 8 rounds of 20 secs Sprint work and 10 secs Rest. You can use any relatively simple movements, such as Burpees, PushUps, Sit Ups or Pull Ups. Kettlebell work ‘can’ be suitable but anything heavy and complicated really isn’t. Each round of 20 secs must be carried out at 100%, no reduction in effort. And I mean that. 100%.

Tabata Push Ups

Total: 124

Some 16 reps short of my very best, I suspect the my 140 rep attempt was not with as good form as I did this evening. 124 reps is no mean feat and is in the top 10% on Beyond the Whiteboard (where I am still on 71st percentile).

After 5 mins rest…..

Tabata Sit Ups

Total: 109

Quite possibly my best attempt ever, I am pleased with this one.

And the aftermath of a true Tabata is……..pure fatigue and shaking! When you do it properly, Tabatas are brutal and not to be repeated within a 48hr period. I’ve seen them being used in warm ups for CrossFit sessions and this shows a fundamental lack of understanding about the very natue of it. 100% effort is hard to recover from and cannot be used as a warm up at all. You will have smashed your phosphocreatine (power) pathway, depleting your muscles and leaving them in need of recovery. To then  attempt heavy weight sessions will be highly counter-productive and quite dangerous.

For greater detail, see: http://www.tabataprotocol.com At this time, my brain is mush so my explanation hasn’t been great!

I’m quite sure I’ll  still be feeling this when I get up at 0600 and head up to the garage tomorrow.


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