02 Sept – Front Squats and Bodyweight MetCons. Come on, Nomad, get stuck in!

Hard work this morning. I’m definitely not a morning person and trying to test a 1RM should not be done at 0630. However, it’s what the board says and it’s the only time I can reliably get in at the moment so it must be made the best of. As per routine then, I stumbled in to CF Plymouth with my Marvel Comics coffee cup, strong black coffee and a dash of hazlenut syrup. Of, I’d taken on a handful of mixed nuts too; training on an empty belly is shit.


10 mins to 1 RM Front Squat

90 / 100 / 110 / 115 / 120kg

120 is my 1 RM already and so I am pleased to see no regression here. Considering the 3 weeks off and time of the morning, this is not to be sniffed at. Don’t get me wrong, it was tough. I failed at my first attempt with 120, dropped to 115 and then reattempted to pass the final attempt.

Dropsets – 3 x 1 Front Squat @ 90% 1 RM

110kg for these bad boys. I strained my way through them but they were completed without too much endeavour.



A two-parter this morning, both parts were bodyweight AMRAPs; typically my bread’n’butter, I made hard work of these today but conditioning is always the first thing to be lost over a break away. It’s also quick to recover so I don’t expect to be down for long.

A – 6min AMRAP

  • 5 x Handstand Push Ups
  • 10 x Push Ups
  • 15 x Air Squats

Total: 5 rnds + 3.

The HSPU were strict, which really slowed me down. Everyone else kipped and I should have done too but opted for a strength test over the actual conditioning nature of the WOD. My fault and that’s the reason I only manage 5 complete rounds.

2min Rest

B – 6min AMRAP

  • 5 x Toes to Bar
  • 10 x Sit Ups
  • 15 x Air Squats

Total: 6 rnds + 3

Better on this one, it was entirely unbroken and rattled through with some confidence. It could obviously have been faster; many of the scores were in to the late 6+s with a 7 thrown in by one guy. However, I went for it and got a better result.



Now, off to Las Iguanas for a leaving dinner!


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