01 Sept – Garage lifting


This was looking like a day with no lifting and I wasn’t going to have that. Despite a full day at work, I managed to get out in to the garage at 1945 to see if I could regain something in the Snatch.

It was VERY difficult to start with and I was feeling exceptionally stiff in the hips with no power coming at all. However, after about 40 mins it all started to come together. You can see from the pic, despite my shakiness by the end, that the WOD was for 5 rounds of 2 Snatches. To be honest, I did FAR more than that in order to get warmed up properly.


Supposedly at 70% of 1RM, I should have been working at 52.5kg throughout. To be honest, after the first few rounds I didn’t think I could even manage that. Working through it though, I got in to it and you can see that I pushed the weight higher and higher. The 60s were not pretty, I’ll admit that. They were very hard work. Snatch remains a critical weakness in my armoury and I have to attack it. I am pretty content with this outcome though as to Hang Snatch 60kg for 2 reps (twice) means that my full Snatch is developing well and I expect to be beyond 75kg in due course.

Instead of keeping the second part of the WOD separate, I decided to join them, working one and then the other. 70kg is my 3RM anyway and I wish I’d checked that beforehand as I could have smashed it by at least another 5kg today. Nevermind though, at least I haven’t regressed. It gae me a chance to practice my full clean too which is never bad thing.


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