31 Aug 15 – Back In to CFP. With a bump.

Well 3 weeks out of the routine was always going to feel rough, despite my ‘maintenance phys’ and it did.

Back in to CF Plymouth at 0600 (now in the dark once more!), I was confronted by:


Every Other Minute 20

· 1 x Power Clean

· 1 x Clean

· 1 x Push Jerk

· 1 x Split Jerk

65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 F / 85 F

80 / 70 / 70 / 70 / 70kg

I ramped it up too quickly and struggled to get past 85kg today. It wasn’t until my last two sets of 70kg that I really felt properly warmed up and comfortable. I was apoplectic with rage on failing at 90 and then at 85. I hate failing, especially when I know I can lift those weights with relative ease. That said, I had to then calm down and have a word with myself. 3 weeks out, only touching the bar once (CF Saxon snatch work), and having hammered poor diet / alcohol and very bad sleep was always going to take its toll. On the latter issue, the sleep thing is becoming a worry; I lay in bed every night and my brain just won’t shut down for hours. I’ve taken to drinking various ‘sleep teas’ and some have some effect but not a lot. I’d rather resolve whatever is the cause rather than resort to medication but I’m starting to feel like I did when the kids were up all night and I know I will suffer across the board if this continues.


5 Rounds For Time:

· 200m Run (closer to 250m)

· 21 x Walking Lunge

· 15 x Pull Up

· 9 x Burpee

Time: 14:54 Rx

Wheezing like Blackadder’s “asthmatic ant with heavy shopping”, I struggled through this one unduly. The run should have been the easy bit was I was properly fatigued after the strength stuff and hadn’t had any breakfast other than some black coffee. Not my finest moment. Having said that, I did perform pretty well through the pull ups; unbroken in the first 3 rounds, I completed all as butterfly kips. The last 2 rounds were 10+3+2. This is an area that I do want to focus on as I set goals for this next training year.

All in all, pretty crappy start back but it was always going to be that way. I suspect tomorrow will be a much better day and I look forward to getting back in to CFP on Wed morning to improve once more.


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