24 Aug – Saxon Barbell Club



A great night at Saxon CrossFit. I’m laying in bed now after a superb barbell club with Tim, the box owner. Seeing a huge amount of Snatch work on the board, I knew I had to pick that over the MetCon WOD. A severe weakness of mine, I had vowed to tackle it but have not done so thus far. Tim basically challenged me and I accepted.

After a thoroughly comprehensive and excellent warmup from Tim and with just my Inov-8s, I attacked the bar and went for it. Starting with 40kg, the plan was to find a 2RM for the day. I aimed for 65kg but sped past that. 70kg was actually pretty ‘simple’ too but I got greedy and tried 75, my 1RM. I achieved the first rep but not a second. Dropping to 72.5, I still failed but I was having a laugh and left it. 70kg is a 2RM record for me. Nice.

The remainder of the session was some much needed accessory work, as per the pic above. I kept the bar at 40kg and very quickly identified my true weakness in the Snatch…..the second pull. The Overhead Squats were simple, as always. The Snatch-grip Behind Neck Push Press were even simpler at that weight. The second pull (Hi Hang Snatch High Pull) were where I really struggled. It appears that I have no goddamn trapezius muscles! I am so happy to have identified and pinpointed an area to focus on. Work here will also significantly improve the Clean & Jerk too.

Saxon is yet another great box. Real energy, a competitive spirit and superb camaraderie. In the middle of nowhere, it draws a crowd of competitors and beginners alike from miles around. I’m looking forward to getting back down there later in the week.


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