20 Aug – Rock and me


60kg+ Rock. Bitch.

Getting up early at home, when in routine and motivated toward a goal is hard enough. Getting up repeatedly when en vacances, to train alone in the wet dawn is miserable. However, up I got once again. I’m well aware that all I’m achieving right now is maintenance work but it’ll tide me over until I reach CrossFit Saxon next week and then back to CFP thereafter.

I’m also stuffing my face with croissants, pain au chocolat and other bread-based snacks, as well as copious quantities of alcohol, not taking in even half of my normal protein. The bloating is quite extraordinary But I’m on holiday and am enjoying the break.


For Time :

20 x Rock Ground to Shoulder
20 x Rock Deadlift
800m Run

Time: 12:20

The awkwardness of Rock made this more of a challenge, as well as the sharp granite protrusions. In the wet grass the grip constantly had to be re-adjusted. But this is what makes strongman training so great; it is real-world application of strength.

I finished it off with an 800m nimble that really could have been much faster. All in all, I was at least 2 mins too slow on this, I think, breaking the Deadlifts up in to 10 and 5s.

I think I should go for longer runs and weighted carries tomorrow but maybe not with Rock.

Now, where’s that Kronenbourg?


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