CrossFit en vacances. CrossFit on holidays (in France)


I really wish I had posted at the end of Sunday 02 Aug. It was the Primal Games competition at CF Plymouth and I formed the third part of a Masters team. Yes, at 35 I am considered in the Masters category for CrossFit. Accompanying Fe and Ian, we took our place among 11 teams and really had no aspiration of achieving anything other than having a lot of fun. Surrounded by hundreds of spectators and competitors (there was a ‘beginner’ comp going on too), we fought our way in to 8th in the first WOD. A strength workout, we had 12 mins to achieve an aggregate maximum for a best-effort of 3 x Deadlift, 1 x Hang Power Clean and 3 x Thruster. I set myself a new Hang Power Clean and Thruster record of 90kg although only recorded an 85kg as ran out of time for the final Thruster; I know I would have made it though. Going in to the second WOD, a 15min AMRepAP of rowing, Pull ups, weighted lunges and hang power snatches, Mrs Nomad and my supporting team of awesomeness arrived to cheer me on. What a huge boost that gave me. So much so, in fact, that we somehow came in 3rd! This put us 4th overall in to the 3rd WOD. The 3rd workout began and ended with 15 x synchro burpees but the middle was populated by hundreds of KB Swings, deadlifts, box jumps and toes to bar (I can’t remember exactly how many without going back to look it up). We dominated our heat quite comprehensively, coming 3rd once more in the WOD overall. This cemented our 4th position and meant a place in the final!!

The final was not really in our game plan and we just laughed. Looking at the other Masters teams in the final, we knew we were just making up the numbers this time. However, this didn’t stop us giving our all through 250m Sprints, KB Thrusters, 250m Rowing, Plate Ground to Overhead, Farmer’s Walks and Overhead Plate Lunge Walking. When we crossed the line last we received the biggest cheers in true CrossFit fashion. We really had given our all. It was my first competition in a very long time and I felt all the old feelings from my days of competing in athletics some 17 or so years ago. Amazing.

To have had Mrs Nomad and the mini-cheerleaders there too was something special and they deserve a big shout out for spending the whole day in the company of CrossFitters!

Since then, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’d done nothing else considering how I’ve not blogged it. It’s not so, however, as you well know. I’ve had an exceptionally busy end of term at work and have just run out of time. I have coached every Mon/Wed/Thurs mornining, as well as Friday evenings too. I’ve taken part in all of those sessions and recorded them all on Beyond The Whiteboard where I currently have a score of 71 out of 100 (steadily up from 66/67 this time last year).

We are now in France for a bit. For those who remember from last year (anyone actually read this?), there is a rock here, called “Rock”. Apparently, it is granite. With it’s quite regular dimensions, it would have a mass of around 70kg but I am not convinced. I think it is closer to 60kg and therefore perhaps granite. Regardless, it is fucking heavy and unwieldy. It is perfect for ‘off season’ training while out here. There are also piles of bricks, logs and the ever-present bodyweight routines to keep me occupied.

Wed 12 Aug

Settled in France, I reacquainted myself with ‘Rock’.


7 x Handstand Push Up (Strict)
10 x Sumo Deadlift with Rock (+60kg)
20 x Sit Up
400m Run

Time: 17:56

Next time, I should work 10 x strict HSPU as they were a bit too easy. The sumo deadlifts were tough more because of the unwieldy burden of the object than the weight but that was certainly taxing. The sit ups were unbroken and the run was exactly 400m.

Thurs 13 Aug

For Time:

100 x Push Up
100 x Sit Up
100 x Squat (Air)
100 x Lunge

Time: 17:08

I really should have warmed up for this. The push ups were far more trouble than they should have been and slowed me right down. Everything else was pretty routine.

Fri 14 Aug

See the picture at the top. The barbell was made of a scaffolding pole with some red-brick structures on the end. It totalled no more than 30kg tops. The wooden pile is about 10-15kg and Rock is….well, Rock. The paddock it all sits in is 20m long.

3 RFT:

20 x Strict Barbell Press
40m Boulder Carry with Rock
40m Walking Lunges with Wooden Pile

Time: 11:40

A tough little WOD, the rough nature of the paddock really presented an ‘unknown’ challenge for this one and meant I was slower but therefore had to carry the items for longer.

The only other aspect that I’ve not covered is nutrition. I’ll just say this: I’m on holiday, it’s the off season and I’m recovering.

So, this is me catching up and not leaving it so long next time!!


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