29 Jul 15 – The Price of Failure

I’ll get to the meaning of the title in a moment.


4 x Every 3rd Min

  • 3 x Back Squats
  • 5 x Depth Boxes Jumps

Increasing on last week’s scores, I lifted 120kg x 3 and improved my jump height to 43.5″. Pretty happy, all told.


10 x Every Min on the Min

  • 5 x Ground to Overhead (60kg)
  • Max Effort Burpees

Score = Total Burpees = 34

I completely and utterly pussied out of this at round 7. Still with time remaining, I could have continued but chose not to. What a waste. I was pissed off with myself so decided to punish myself just 4 mins after the bell went.


10 x

  • 5 x Ground to Overhead
  • 5 x Burpees

Not for time but to get it done. I ended up completing this in about 12.5-13mins. That was 50 x 60kg Ground to Overhead (Power Clean and Push Jerk) and 50 x Burpees, on top of the 30 GTOH and 34 Burpees I had already done. That’ll learn me!


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